Tuition Adjustment Advisory Council (TAAC) 2.103


Elgin Community College has established the “Tuition Adjustment Advisory Council” to review appeals for tuition only refund adjustments based on a medical or family emergency.  This committee will consist of four administrators with at least one member being from student financial services and one member being from TLSD’s student services departments at all times.  Committee members will be recommended by their Dean or Vice President, as applicable.  The committee will meet at least twice a month to resolve outstanding appeals.  These are the only exceptions to the Administrative Procedure 2.102 Refunds for Credit and Non-Credit Courses.

In all cases, the student must demonstrate their situation interrupted their ability to:


In the event that emergency medical or family reasons prevent a student from obtaining a tuition refund adjustment according to the college’s refund schedule, the Tuition Adjustment Advisory Council (TAAC) reviews appeals for financial adjustments in a timely, fair and reasonable manner.    

To qualify, the student or designee must submit a completed TAAC Form - PDF along with the proper documentation as stated on the referral form to the Student Accounts Office, B151. Appeals will be accepted for current term only.  Appeals without documentation will not be considered.  Only one appeal will be considered during a student’s entire academic career at Elgin Community College.  The decision of the TAAC committee is final.

Guidelines for a tuition refund adjustment are as follows:  

  Medical Family

Documented medical diagnosis or injury by an outside physician or medical provider which prevented successful completion of coursework.  

Documented that the student became the primary caretaker for a family member’s illness or a death of a family member during the term of enrollment. A family member is a parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent. 
Student Appeal Student must explain how the illness or injury impacted their ability to successfully complete the course(s). The student must include dates of services or procedures.  Student must explain their relationship to the family member and how their illness or death impacted their ability to successfully complete the course(s). 
External documentation requirements Signed statement from an outside physician or medical provider on letterhead that states the diagnosis and why the student could not complete the semester. Signed statement from an outside physician or medical provider on their letterhead indicating the dates of illness and need for a caregiver. In the case of a death, copy of the death certificate or obituary.