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Withdrawal for Students Called to Active Duty

Administrative Procedure 4.501

Elgin Community College students who are called to serve in active military duty will be provided with the following services:

  1. The student should be referred to the Dean of Student Services and Development’s office with their activation notification. The activation notification may also be sent via their ECC student email account if it is received after business hours or if the student is called to active duty within a 24-48 hour period and is not able to present the order in person. This email should be directed to and will constitute official notification.
  2. When students supply a copy of the activation orders, a complete refund of tuition expenses and fees for the current semester will be processed.
  3. Student financial aid recipients who withdraw from school because they are called to active duty, or are otherwise affected by mobilization or terrorist attacks, will be handled in accordance with current State and Federal regulations and guidelines.
  4. ECC strives to be flexible in support of students called to active military duty. In some instances, students may prefer to request a grade of “incomplete” as an alternative to withdrawing from their courses, or they may need to drop courses after the deadline has passed. Individual faculty members determine whether an incomplete grade is a viable option in their respective classes. For students who wish to consider these options, assistance will be provided through the Registration and Records Office, B105 or the Student Success Center, B120. The college recommends completion of an incomplete grade within 120 calendar days after the last day of the semester. However, this recommendation will be suspended for students in this category. The student may complete the work for up to 120 calendar days after release from active duty, or return from active duty reassignment. Copies of military orders must be provided to the Registration and Records Office before the extension will be granted. The Registrar will monitor the application of this policy suspension.
  5. If an instructor determines a student has satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the course and demonstrated mastery of the material, then an appropriate final grade may be assigned.
  6. This policy only applies to courses in which the student is enrolled at the time that the student must report for active duty.