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Filing Report or Complaint

Elgin Community College is an organization with strong values of responsibility and integrity. We are committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to the college's culture. ECC Community members have a range of ways to report challenges or concerns and can be assured that their concerns are taken seriously.

These forms should not be used during an emergency. If this is an emergency, please call 911 from a landline.

Filing a report does not constitute filing an official police report. To file an official police report, contact the Campus Police Department or in person on the first floor near the Building D entrance. For incidents occurring off-campus in the City of Elgin, call 847-289-2700 or your local police department.

Reporting Tools

Select from the types of issues below and complete the required fields to ensure that your complaint is directed to the appropriate College officials. The name and contact information of the person making a report are needed to address the concern.

Student Support

Connect a student to additional resources and support through the Spartan Success Early Alert process.

Student Complaint

Report a concern of improper treatment by an ECC employee, or dissatisfaction with a service or process.


Report a physical barrier to access, a general incident, or discrimination because of your disability.

Student Code of Conduct

Report student code of conduct violations, such as behavioral issues or classroom disruption.

Academic Integrity Violation

Report incidents of student academic dishonesty.

Title VI, VII, and IX

Report sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or retaliation.

External Reporting Tools

Report misconduct with the board of trustees, employees, representatives speaking or acting on behalf of the college, and volunteers.

Employee Misconduct

Report inappropriate conduct or behavior by an employee.

Whistleblower Complaints

Place an anonymous report in confidence. You are encouraged to use this hotline, hosted by a third-party hotline provider, EthicsPoint.