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students in cadavar lab with instructor

Your journey to a bright future starts at ECC

Academic Programs

ECC offers an academic experience that's engaging, challenging and focused on the real world. Classes are small here. The faculty at ECC cares not only about your academic success but also about who you are. You'll have a high-quality educational experience for students enrolled in online learning, hybrid, and face-to-face courses.

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Degrees & Certificates

We offer degree and certificate programs and many ways to prepare for a bright future. The ECC course catalog is your ultimate resource for ECC education, outlining graduation criteria, course prerequisites, transfer options, and more essential aspects of academic pursuit.

Transfer Programs

Register for credit classes to transfer and earn a bachelor's degree. On average, our students earn better grades than those who start at those schools as freshmen.

Early College Credit

Start earning college credits while you're in high school. It'll save you time and money and help you move smoothly to what's next. These programs let you save on college costs and time, try out college life, and prepare for what comes after high school.

Continuing Education Programs

Learn to speak another language, prepare for the SAT, and take a class in food safety. Continuing education courses remove the pressure of earning grades and taking tests. Activities are for all age groups and help build job-related skills and make the most of your leisure time or summer camps.

International Students Study at ECC

Applying to ECC as an international student is easy. Start with our International Student Application. As a student of ECC, you can enroll in academic credit courses, start with our full-time Intensive English Program, enroll in a degree or certificate option, and go to a transfer program.

Gain Higher Academic Achievements

Participating in college clubs or organizations brings students numerous advantages, like improving leadership abilities and expanding their social network and professional connections. We encourage you to consider this fantastic opportunity!

Online Degrees and Certificates

We offer online options to allow you to work towards your educational goals while maintaining your busy lifestyle.

Online Programs