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Civic Engagement Center

Civic Engagement Center

Become a civic leader.

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The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) fosters the skills and experiences Elgin Community College students need to be thoughtful and engaged civic leaders on campus, in their communities, and in our democracy.

Scholarship Opportunities

Civic Leaders will receive a $500 scholarship per semester that they serve as a Civic Leader. The scholarship will be added to their ECC student account.

What do Civic Leaders do?

Students selected to be Civic Leaders will engage in civic engagement activities such as:

  • Complete a semester-long or academic year project with CCE.
  • Present project findings at disciplinary conferences (e.g., the Midwest Political Science Association Conference) and/or on-campus forums (e.g., the CURIC and Honors Research Symposium).
  • Participate in required non-partisan civic engagement and media training.
  • Assist co-directors in developing and leading policy-issue education and advocacy workshops for students.
  • Conduct nonpartisan civic engagement efforts, which may include the following:
    • Co-planning civic engagement programming
    • Promoting civil discourse
    • Co-leading and co-facilitating nonpartisan voting rights workshops
    • Promoting and assisting with voter registration and Get Out The Vote campaigns
    • Service learning
    • Educating fellow students and the broader community about voting, issue advocacy, and other political issues
  • Conduct voter education and register eligible students and members of the community to vote.
  • Attend legislative sessions in Springfield, IL, and connect with local, state, and/or federal legislators, government officials, and organizations.

Student Civic Leader Application

The time commitment for Civic Leaders is approximately three hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and five hours per week in June and July during the summer semester. Schedules are flexible based on student needs.

ECC students are welcome to apply for student Civic Leader positions, and your application will be placed in a future candidate pool. As openings become available, new applications will be considered.

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Center for Civic Engagement Co-Directors

LaTasha Chaffin DeHaan, PhD
Antonio Ramirez, PhD

Building F, Room F116

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