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Extracurricular and Co-curricular Off-Site Learning Activities

Administrative Procedure 4.405

Field Trips 

A field trip is a sanctioned/approved activity led by an approved ECC faculty member or staff that places off-campus with ECC students and/or program participants, the purpose of which is to further student learning. An off-campus field trip is any meeting, at a location other than an ECC campus, of students registered in a college course or enrolled in a college program. Field trips may be single or multi-day, including overnight stays. The college is obligated to know where students are meeting for the safety of our students and staff and to ensure the funding required for such a trip is approved by the appropriate supervisor and administrator responsible for fiscal management. 

Faculty and staff conducting a college-approved field trip must submit a written notice to their supervisor via the Field Trip Request Form. Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the scheduled field trip and at least 30 days prior for multi-day travel. Educational opportunities that become available for students after the two-week approval window are subject to approval and require no less than 24-hour advance notice via the Field Trip Request Form. 

Once approved, it is expected that any approved ECC faculty or staff member requesting a field trip, and those leading such a trip, review and follow ECC's Field Trip Guidelines.

Alternative Activities 

Faculty may require that students attend extracurricular and co-curricular activities in connection with class or program requirements, including extra credit opportunities. Students who are unable to attend because of class or work conflicts or for religious or financial reasons must notify the faculty member of the conflict in advance of the scheduled extracurricular or co-curricular activity. The faculty member must provide an appropriate alternative learning opportunity that takes the student’s conflict into account. These activities may or may not be related to an approved field trip. The faculty member is encouraged to consult with the student to identify an alternative learning opportunity. Other student conflicts may be considered at the discretion of the faculty member.