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Parking of Vehicles on Campus

Administrative Procedure 3.702

Vehicles parked in violation of these regulations may be ticketed. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense at the direction of Elgin Community College Police Department staff or the Elgin Police Department liaison officers (see towing policy for details).

  1. No vehicle shall impede, in any way, the normal flow of traffic on any college street, roadway, or parking area. Parking is allowed in marked parking stalls only.  Parking in multiple parking stalls is prohibited, and vehicles are subject to ticketing.
  2. No vehicle shall be parked overnight on campus. If an emergency arises, notify the switchboard (dial 0 from a campus telephone).
  3. No parking is allowed in restricted lots or spaces unless an appropriate permit is displayed, e.g., handicapped placard, staff permit, or temporary parking permit. 
  4. Staff parking permits will be issued by the ECC Police Department to regular full-time and part-time staff employed by the college upon request. Temporary parking permits may be issued by the ECC Police Department on a need basis to seasonal, short-term, or other individuals performing employment or services for the college.  Verification of employment and photo identification of the requestor are required prior to the issuance of a parking permit. This policy does not include student workers employed through Financial Aid. Replacement permits may be obtained for a charge of $3.00 from the police department.
  5. No parking is allowed on grass or islands. Motorcycles may park where specified in the following locations:
  6. No parking is allowed in crosswalks, on sidewalks, or blocking ramps.
  7. No parking is allowed in areas with yellow curbs.
  8. No parking is allowed in violation of posted signs, e.g., no standing, no stopping, no parking, loading zone, turn around.
  9. No vehicle shall block fire hydrants or park in fire lanes.
  10. No vehicles shall be parked in any parking lot with attached trailers and occupying more than one parking place. The exception to this provision is hired contractors in the performance of their work at the college.