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Placement Test Appeals

Administrative Procedure 4.404

Students who do not meet minimum competency requirements for their program of study, by one of the approved college readiness measures, may complete ECC placement testing.

A student may retake each of the placement tests according to the reading, writing, or math departments’ recommendation before taking a class in those areas. Once retesting has been exhausted according to the departments’ policies and a student is still not satisfied with the placement results, the student may appeal.

The tests that can be appealed are: ECC’s reading, writing, math, and geometry placement tests and the essay portion of the CLEP College Composition Modular Exam with Essay.

The Appeal Form is available from the testing staff via a request to

Once enrolled in the sequence of reading, English, or math, courses, a student cannot retest unless the assigned instructional coordinator or Dean approves the appeal.

All decisions on appeals will be made by the appropriate instructional coordinator or Dean in 15 business days or less from the submission date of the appeal. All decisions are final.