District U46 Dual Credit Program

Program Options

Eligible District U-46 students at Burlington Central High School may enroll at Elgin Community College full-time or part-time. Options for students to enroll in ECC courses at their respective high schools are also available.

View the U-46 Dual Credit Program Guide - PDF.

Contact the School District Lead Counselor for a copy of the Application Guide.

Full-Time Programs

Academically qualified juniors and seniors may enroll at Elgin Community College full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) and complete all their coursework at the ECC campus. District U-46 approves courses to ensure students fulfill all high school graduation requirements. There are two pathways available:

Junior Enrollment (2-Year Program)

Enroll your sophomore year and start courses in the fall of your junior year to earn 60 transferable credits and complete either an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science.

Senior Enrollment (1-Year Program)

Apply your junior year and start courses in the fall of your senior year to earn 30+ transferable credits.


  • Cost
    District U-46 pays the tuition for dual credit courses. Please consult with your high school for more information.
  • Minimum credit hours per semester

    High school juniors and seniors enroll in a minimum of 12 college credits each semester. Juniors must stay on pace to complete the 60-credit hour degree requirement within two academic years (i.e., 15 credit hours in each fall/spring semester).

    These courses meet the postsecondary requirements of the general education core curriculum as well as high school graduation.

    Students work in partnership with the ECC Academic Advising Office and their high school counselor to choose the appropriate transferable courses. Students that enroll as juniors need to complete the course requirements to earn an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

    District U-46 approves the Enrollment of their students. Enrollment is limited.

  • Location
    Courses are held on the ECC Campus.
  • Schedules*
    Scheduled Monday through Friday. You may be in class from 8 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. ECC's academic calendar may differ from District U-46's academic calendar.
  • Qualifications

    Minimum 3.0 out of 4.0 unweighted GPA.

    Standardized Testing or ECC placement tests to demonstrate college readiness.

    Additional high school requirements may be considered. Please consult with your high school for more information.

  • Credit

    You'll receive both college and high school credit.

    Students complete courses required for a transfer degree (Associate in Arts or Associate in Science).

  • You are expected to commit to this timeframe and must be aware that the Dual Credit office manages all scheduling of class meeting times. Days and times are pre-selected to meet the needs of the program and your academic plans.


Part-Time Programs (In-High School Options)

High school juniors (Dual Language students only) and seniors enroll in 1-2 college courses each semester. Courses offered at selected high school campuses from various academic disciplines, including general education (i.e., English, math, or Spanish).

General Education (Gen Ed) Program

This option is for academically qualified juniors (Dual Language students only) and seniors to enroll at ECC part-time. If you choose this track, complete one to two college courses each semester, with classes meeting on different days and times of the week. Courses are selected from a variety of academic subject areas.

Students choose courses with the help of their high school counselor to ensure courses are selected to meet high school requirements. Students must choose between the general education or career and technical education program. District U-46 approves the Enrollment of their students. Enrollment is limited. For more questions, please contact your high school representative.

Informational Nights

Each year, District U-46 hosts informational events for students and parents to learn more about the Dual Credit program. The sessions review the benefits of the program, as well as the steps for applying. This year, a virtual presentation will be available. For more information, visit District U-46 online.

How to Apply

Speak to Your Counselor

If the Dual Credit program sounds like the right fit for you, reach out to your high school counselor. They will work with you to schedule any required writing, reading, and/or mathematics placement tests.**

Benchmark scores are based on the college's minimum competencies as stated in the course catalog.

Apply for the Program

If you meet the program requirements, your high school counselor will provide you with the next steps for completing an application. Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are due January 31, 2021, for priority applications, and February 15, 2021, for final applications.