Articulated Credit Program

Get college credit for career-technical coursework at your high school.

Complete career-technical coursework at your high school. You complete career-technical coursework at your high school. Proficiency credit is awarded upon successful course completion, graduation, and post-high school enrollment at ECC.

  • All coursework takes place on your high school campus.
  • Aligns with your career-technical pathway.
  • Shortens time to college degree completion.
  • It has been shown to increase the probability of college success.
  • Partner Institutions
    • District 300 (Dundee-Crown High School, Hampshire High School, and Jacobs High School)
    • District 303 (St. Charles East High School and St. Charles North High School)
    • Private Schools (Cambridge Lakes Charter School)
  • Cost

    There is no cost for obtaining proficiency credit at ECC. No college tuition to pay in this program.

  • Location

    Please reference your high school district course guides below for a list of courses.

  • Qualifications
    • Earn at least a B in each of those courses and meet any additional requirements set by the course (such as Basic Nursing Assistant).
    • Apply to ECC within 27 months and enroll in a degree or vocational specialist certificate program.
  • High school credit, college credit, or both

    You'll receive high school credit and proficiency credit at ECC during the enrollment process for your first college semester.

  • The path forward

    It is aligned with an Associate of Applied Science degree at ECC.

  • Next Steps

    Review your high school's course catalog. Meet with your high school counselor.