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Dual Credit Program

Dual Credit Program is a structured program between secondary schools and Elgin Community College. If you meet the requirements, you can take college-level courses at ECC; you'll get college credit and satisfy your high school graduation requirements.

  • Save time and money by starting your college classes early.
  • Earn real college credit through successful course completion.
  • Credit is not based on post-course testing like AP courses.
  • Learn important study habits and experience the demands of college courses while in high school.
  • Discuss full-time, part-time, ECC campus, and in-high school options with your counselor.

Each participating high school determines arrangements and offerings. Is your high school a dual credit partner institution?

  • District 300 (Dundee-Crown High School, Hampshire High School, and Jacobs High School)
  • District 301 (Burlington Central High School)
  • District 303 (St. Charles East High School and St. Charles North High School)
  • District U-46 (Bartlett High School, Elgin High School, Larkin High School, South Elgin High School, and Streamwood High School)
  • Private Schools (Cambridge Lakes Charter School and The Einstein Academy)


Student Testimonial

Taylor Vitacco: Dual Credit at ECC Opens Up New Opportunities

Parent testimonial

Beth McKinney: Dual Credit at ECC Helps Students Discover Their Potential