Early College Credit

Earn college credit—while you’re still in high school!

Elgin Community College offers several ways for high school students to get a jumpstart on college. Whichever program you choose, you’ll save time and money, get a taste of college life, and prepare for a smooth transition to your next step.

Dual-Credit Programs

Earn both high school and college credit for courses that you take at ECC. Our three dual-credit programs give you a variety of options—all at no cost!

  • Accelerate College: Take a full schedule of general education classes at ECC and earn college and high school credit.
  • Middle College: Earn dual credit by taking one or two general education classes per semester at ECC.
  • Career & Technical Program: Earn dual credit for classes in specific career or technical subjects.

Dual Enrollment

The dual-enrollment program gives you the opportunity to take one or two classes at ECC on top of your regular high school or homeschool schedule. Dual-enrollment courses give you credit at the college level but not necessarily for high school.

Articulated Credit

Designed for public high school students, the articulated credit program offers ECC proficiency credit for career and technical courses completed while in high school. Here’s how it works:

  • Take career or tech-prep classes at your high school that have been designated as “articulated-credit” courses. Tuition is free.
  • Earn at least a B in each of those courses and meet any additional requirements set by the course (such as Basic Nursing Assistant).
  • Apply to ECC within 27 months and enroll in a degree or vocational specialist certificate program.
  • Get college credit!

More Resources for High School Students

ECC also offers:

We’d love to tell you more about how Elgin Community College can help you jumpstart your college experience. Contact us at admissions@elgin.edu or plan your visit now.