File Access

When you log on to a classroom computer with your academic computer account, files saved to your 'My Documents' and on the 'Desktop' are saved to the network automatically. You are able to connect to ECC's file server and access your academic files when you're not on campus.

Security Warning!

Do not connect to your files on any public computer or when logged on to a classroom computer with an anonymous login. Otherwise the next person to use the computer could potentially access your files!

  • If you are unsure whether you are logged on with an anonymous account or not, log off of Windows and log back in with your personal Windows account before proceeding.
  • Delete all of your network location folders and log off.

ECC is committed to supporting students who will be transitioning to alternative modes of instruction, particularly online, and addressing the technology needs of ECC students to the greatest extent possible. This initiative is in line with the college’s Shared Value of Equity by ensuring students who do not currently have access to the technology needed are helped with a smooth transition to online instruction. We offer laptops, Chromebooks, and graphing calculators. Learn more about student success online