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ICAPS Support Program

a welding student and dental assisting student

Get support to advance your career.

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ICAPS Career Pathways

ICAPS Career Pathways

Are you looking for a quick and clear pathway to a career in manufacturing or healthcare?

The ICAPS program is an Academic and Career program with built-in support for students who are looking to gain a vocational certificate in a year or less and enter the workforce in a field that will provide you with a great starting salary.

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How Do Students Benefit from ICAPS?

  • Have one ECC staff member to guide you through your studies from beginning to end.
  • Have a set class schedule providing a clear pathway to program completion.
  • Receive guidance and extra support in the college classroom.
  • Attend classes with the same group of peers throughout the program.
  • Get textbooks loaned to you for your classes.
  • Gain employability skills and receive assistance with resume, interviewing, job search, and experiential learning opportunities, including apprenticeships and internships.
  • Receive assistance in how to fund your education through financial aid, grants, scholarships, and other college assistance programs.
  • Graduate with a certificate in 2 semesters or less and start your career.

Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone looking to complete a vocational certificate quickly to earn a family-sustaining wage.
  • Anyone pursuing a certificate in an ICAPS area of study.

Students who may especially benefit from participating ICAPS include the following:

  • Students who may benefit from extra support.
  • Former or current adult education students.
  • HSE graduates
  • Students whose first language is not English

Which Programs Are Supported By ICAPS?

One Semester Programs

Two Semester Programs

Additional stackable certifications are available in most program areas for students who wish to continue their studies. Staff will guide you to your next steps.

After earning a certificate through the ICAPS program, students can choose to enter the workforce or continue to pursue additional certificates or an associates degree.


The Integrated Career & Academic Preparation System (ICAPS) is a guided support program proven to enhance student success.


Workforce Career Coordinator