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Current Honors Program Students

Honors Program Google Site

For information about expectations and opportunities for students in our Honors Program, please visit our Honors Google Site. You must be signed in to your ECC student email account to access the site. Within the site, you will find our Honors Program Outcomes, expectations of all students, opportunities, and requirements to earn a special designation as an Honors Program Achiever or Honors Program Graduate, information on our Honors Tuition Waiver, and information on transfer school partnerships and scholarships.

Honors Program Google Site

Honors Program Course Offerings

Students admitted into the honors program may register for honors classes each semester. Program students typically take one to two honors classes each semester. Please visit the ECC course registration site to view the current honors program offerings.

Scholarships and Partnerships

The ECC Honors Program has specialized partnerships with Elmhurst University and Western Illinois University (WIU). The Elmhurst partnership allows ECC to select one Honors Program Graduate to receive a full-tuition transfer scholarship. The WIU agreement allows ECC Honors Program Graduates to enter the WIU honors program. For more information on either partnership, contact the ECC honors program director at

Honors Course Tuition Waiver

Open to students who earn an A or B in an honors course and maintain a 3.25 or higher cumulative grade point average. Students may use the Honors Course Tuition Waiver for their next honors class. Waivers are issued upon successfully completing the honors class and are valid for one year from the issue date. This waiver is for tuition only. 

Download the form Tuition Waiver Activation - PDF to apply for the ECC Tuition Waiver.

Keeping Your Eligibility in the Honors Program

To maintain membership in the honors program, honors students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA each semester. Program students are strongly encouraged to enroll in at least three credit hours of ECC honors coursework within the first two semesters enrolled in the program. Three additional credit hours are required during each additional year enrolled.

Two Levels of Recognition

Honors Program Graduate

  • Complete at least 5 Honors Courses
  • Demonstrate leadership and service to the college
  • Finish with a 3.25 or higher overall GPA
  • Complete the Honors Capstone Portfolio (This class does not count as one of the 5 Honors Courses)

Honors Program Achiever

  • Complete at least 3 Honors Courses
  • Demonstrate leadership and service to the college
  • Finish with a 3.25 or higher overall GPA
  • Complete the Honors Capstone Portfolio (This class does not count as one of the 3 Honors Courses)

For detailed information about each level and requirements, students can log into their student email accounts and visit the Honors Google Site.

Students with special circumstances or concerns regarding meeting the above-stated requirements may contact the honors program director.


No, honors courses receive the same credit/weight as regular classes. However, honors courses appear on the transcript with the honors distinction, which many transfer institutions highly regard as a sign of a student's ability to handle challenging course content.

Honors classes are typically modeled on university, seminar-style courses that encourage questions, debate, and in-depth discussion of course content. Students engage deeply with content and are encouraged to work closely with faculty members throughout the semester on the various assignments and projects assigned in class.

You should schedule a meeting with an academic and transfer advisor during your first semester to set up your educational plan. This plan will help you determine which courses you will take each semester, so you stay on track to completing your educational goals. If you plan to transfer to a four-year college, be sure to discuss that with the academic and transfer advisor as well. The sooner you determine where you plan to transfer, the more specific your educational plan will be. After your first semester, make a point to visit with an academic and transfer advisor at least once each semester to confirm you are on track.

To set up an appointment, call 847-214-7390 or visit the Student Success Center in Building B, Room B120. Current students can schedule an appointment online.

Yes! Completing your ECC degree before moving on is one of the most important things you can do. National research shows that students who finish their community college degree first will complete the baccalaureate at a much higher rate than those who transfer with simply a grab bag of credits. In addition, you will have completed an important educational credential on your way to completing higher degrees.

Contact the College Board to send your official score report to the Registration and Records Office. Upon receipt, ECC will review your report. You will receive credit on your ECC transcript for the appropriate course(s) if you meet the minimum AP score required. 

Review the advanced placement tests credit chart for specific scores needed and equivalent ECC credit.

There are many ways to get involved. First, consider serving as a member of the PTK Honors Student Council. The council meets monthly, and you will represent your fellow honors students while working with ECC faculty and administrators. Second, call the Honors Program Director at 847-214-7515 or email to express your interest and ideas. We want your help making this an excellent program and experience for all honors students.

You can get a tuition waiver for future honors classes if you earn an A or B in an honors class and have a 3.25 cumulative GPA. There is no limit to the number of honors classes you can take per semester. The waiver is good for up to one year.

You must complete the waiver form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office, Building B, Room B156. Once you have submitted your waiver, processing should take approximately one week.

To confirm the waiver has been applied to your student account:

  1. Login to accessECC Portal
  2. Under 'Student Apps,' select 'Self-Service'
  3. In Self-Service, open the sidebar navigation menu and select the 'Financial Information' dropdown
  4. Select the 'Student Finance' dropdown, then select 'Account Activity'

You will not receive any paper notification.