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Federal & State Tax Returns

Even if you do not have a job in the U.S., you must submit U.S. income tax forms every year. All international students are required to file certain U.S. income tax forms every year, even if they have no U.S. source of income. If you did not work or receive any income in the U.S., you are legally obliged to file a Form 8843. If you worked or received a stipend, grant, or allowance in the U.S., you may also need to file a Form 1040NR.

Register with Sprintax™

Elgin Community College has arranged discounted access to Sprintax for you. Sprintax will guide you through the tax preparation process, help you prepare all the necessary documents, and check if you are due a refund.

Sprintax was used by over 162,000 international students and scholars last year, and the average Federal refund an eligible student received was over $1,000.


  1. Register and follow the simple instructions.
  2. Complete the online questionnaire.
  3. Sprintax will prepare your tax forms.

As a reminder, you must print, sign, and mail your documents once you complete the preparation process in Sprintax. If you have any questions, please use Sprintax's 24/7 Live Chat, FAQ, and virtual assistant 'Stacy' function.

Additional Tax Preparer Assistance

Visit Tax Assistance Program (TAP) or contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office for tax preparer assistance.