Student Success Online

Female student in chair working on her laptop computer.

Supporting Your Online Learning

For many of us, e-learning takes place amidst busy work schedules, family priorities, and other challenges. ECC's faculty and staff have worked hard to develop a wide selection of online courses to allow you the ability to learn and progress toward your degree or certificate at a distance.

Strategies to thrive in your online classes.

  • Successful online students become experts at defining their priorities and building (and keeping) a schedule that allows them to focus on the things that are most important to them. 
  • Spending a little time upfront getting and staying organized in your online classes will save you time throughout the semester and help keep your stress levels low.
  • Think of the discussion board of an online class like the heart of the classroom. 
  • Practicing good “Netiquette” means adhering to certain online behaviors to know about and practice.
  • Success in college (and, honestly, success in life) is primarily based on how consistently we follow through on goals and aspirations we set for ourselves.
  • Cultivate curiosity in all that you do for school, and watch as that curiosity "pulls" you through the difficult moments.

Download Your Guide

This guide equips you with the core strategies and approaches necessary to make the most of your remote learning experience.

How to: Thrive in Your Online Classes - PDF