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Online Learning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Online learning is a form of education where instruction occurs when students and instructors are in separate locations. Online learning at ECC consists of online classes and hybrid classes. We recognize that this learning occurs amidst many students' busy work schedules, family priorities, and other challenges. We have worked hard to develop a wide selection of courses to allow students to learn and progress toward their degree or certificate online. We are equipped to provide most of our services online. Whether you are a student coming to campus or completing your education online, we offer flexible options to help you maximize your online learning experience.

Online classes utilize the internet as the source of access to the course content and as a communication tool for the student and faculty members.

Hybrid classes are courses in which approximately 50 percent of instruction, evaluation, and communication are provided electronically via the course management system. The time required in a traditional classroom setting is reduced but not eliminated.

D2L is the course management system used by ECC to access online classes. Faculty and students log into the system using their usernames and passwords. Students must be registered in a course using the D2L website to access the system.

Students registered in an online learning class will receive an informational email approximately one week before the start date of the class. This email provides essential information about the class and log-in details to D2L, where the course syllabus and other necessary course resources are available.

Your instructor remains an integral part of the learning process and provides specific course instructions and guidelines. Depending upon the class, various tools help you learn the course content.

Most online instructors provide a week-by-week schedule, while other instructors allow students to self-pace their learning.

Yes, as you are required to learn the same material. The only difference is the course delivery method.

Yes. Whether you are enrolled in online classes, hybrid classes, or traditional classes, the financial aid process is the same.

Yes. There is also an online orientation available for students. This orientation will provide you with the information needed for first-time online learning students. You may complete the orientation entirely or select the areas that fit your needs.

Yes. Public access computers are available in the college's computer labs or library with Internet access, word processing, and other software and computer print stations. ECC offers a technology loaner program, including graphing calculators, hotspots, Chromebooks, childcare grants, and other supports to help you succeed in college. If you are currently registered, you can check out Chromebooks by requesting them at the library's Circulation Desk in Building C. Don't hesitate to contact the Circulation desk at 847-214-7337 if you have any questions.

The computers in the college's computer labs and library have free Internet access. To connect your computer to the internet, investigate different internet service providers (ISP). You may qualify for the Internet Essentials Service if you qualify for the National School Lunch Program, housing assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Pell Grant, etc.

Need service right now? Illinois state agencies released a wi-fi hotspot map to help students without internet access at home to study.

Check out the locations near you.

No. Register for an online class precisely the same way you register for any other course. Apply and register on the ECC website.

For online classes, testing depends upon the instructor. Most exams are completed online. Some classes require a proctored setting. This proctored setting can include the ECC testing center, your local college, or your local library; proctored tests are arranged with your class instructor.

ECC transcripts do not differentiate between online learning and face-to-face courses.

If your technical problems involve getting or staying connected to the internet, contact your internet service provider (ISP). Once you are online and have problems with your course website, contact the online learning help desk at 847-214-7620 or email In your email, include the following:

  • Your first and last name
  • ECC ID number
  • Course section of the inquiry
  • Professor(s) name


D2L Technical Help

Building C, Room C210

Monday through Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm
Friday: 8 am to 4:30 pm

ECC Resources

Knowing when and where to turn for help is a cornerstone of any real achievement. The following ECC Resources will help you on your journey.

Tutoring Center

Online tutoring is available.

Building C, Room C230

Academic and Transfer Advising

Building B, Room B120

Student Success

Building B, Room B105.11