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General frequently asked questions.

For many of us, e-learning occurs amidst busy work schedules, family priorities, and other challenges. ECC delivers a high-quality academic experience for students enrolled in online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses to meet all students' needs. We connect students to on-campus support services and student life programming through Campus Central, D2L, Remote Hub, and Social Channels. 

Strategies to thrive in your online classes.

  • Successful online students become experts at defining their priorities and building (and keeping) a schedule that allows them to focus on the most important things to them. 
  • Spending a little time upfront getting and staying organized in your online classes will save you time throughout the semester and help keep your stress levels low.
  • Think of the discussion board of an online class as the heart of the classroom. 
  • Practicing good “Netiquette” means adhering to certain online behaviors to know about and practice.
  • Success in college (and, honestly, success in life) is primarily based on consistently following the goals and aspirations we set for ourselves.
  • Cultivate curiosity in all you do for school, and watch as that curiosity "pulls" you through the difficult moments.

What Support and Resources Are Available for Online Learning?

Most student support services, including academic advising, tutoring, and wellness services, are available remotely, so there is no need to come to campus. Learn more about our support services.

Chromebooks are available for checkout at the Library. If you need it for classes at ECC, let us know at circdesk@elgin.edu.

If you need Wi-Fi for your studies, learn more about affordable or free wi-fi options for students.

Additional Support

Are Online Classes For You?

New & Returning Students

  1. View class listings
  2. First-time ECC student. Apply
  3. Must register by the start date of the class.
  4. Attend an orientation for first-time distance students
  5. Get books and course materials from the bookstore
  6. D2L login instructions
  7. Student email
    Access information is sent to your student email account before the start of class. Contact the Distance Learning Office if the email is not received by the course's start date.
  8. Online tutoring is available.

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