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Update Personal Information

Have you moved? Changed your name or phone number?

Here’s how to change your address and update your student records.

New address or phone number

If you have a new address or phone number, you can update it through the accessECC Portal. But if you’re moving into ECC’s district from an out-of-district address, you’ll also need to provide documentation to the Registration Office. Check our list of acceptable documentation or see Student Residency for more details regarding residency requirements.

Update your preferred name, personal pronouns, and gender identity

If you want to update your personal pronouns or gender identity, you can update it through the accessECC Portal. Once in Self-service, click on your accessECC ID in the upper right-hand corner and select User Profile from the dropdown menu. Your legal name on record is below your photo, and to the right of your photo, you will see your Chosen (Preferred) Name, Personal Pronouns, and Gender Identity that ECC has on record for you. When the chosen (preferred) name is mentioned, it references the first and middle names only. Students may send additional questions to

  • To update your pronouns and gender identity, click the Edit Personal Identity button, select, and press Save. The information is saved immediately, and you will see it to the right of your photo.
  • To update your chosen (preferred) name, contact the Registration Office to complete the process. Once your updated chosen (preferred) name is recorded, you can see the name to the right of your photo.

New name

Complete the student information change form and bring it to the Registration Office along with legal documentation showing your former and new name.

Social Security Number and Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN)

To submit your social security number or Tax Payer Identification Number, fill out the W-9S form and take it to the Registration Office. 

We cannot update personal information in response to email or telephone requests to protect your privacy.



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