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Job Search Strategies

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Learn best-practice job search techniques and land a job.

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Get a job by learning best-practice job search techniques

Whether looking for your first career position or a part-time job to earn money while in school, a Career Development Specialist can help you navigate the job market to make yourself stand out. Learning best practices can help maximize efficiency and contribute to a successful job search.

How do people find jobs?

Searching for a job involves several important steps: Planning, preparing your marketing materials, job search, and follow-up. A Career Development Specialist can help you prepare for a successful job search.

Put your best foot forward with a specialist who can help you:

  • Define a specific position and/or industry target.
  • Identify target employers and industries to find companies where your skills are desired and would be valuable.
  • Understand how your skills relate to your target job.
  • Create a job search plan that works for you.

Prepare your personal marketing materials with a specialist who can help you:

  • Create a targeted, accomplish-focused resume and cover letter.
  • Prepare a networking plan, including how to use LinkedIn.
  • Identify and request professional references.
  • Understand and use proper email etiquette.

Explore different ways of looking for a job with a specialist who can help you.

  • Understand best-practice techniques, including using niche job boards, networking, and having a professional online presence.
  • Post your resume to a job board and learn the secrets of employers’ applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how to best complete a job application.
  • Prepare for job interviews, including doing mock interviews to learn how to tell your story and understand the type of questions employers are likely to ask during an interview.

Learn important protocols when following up after an interview, including:

  • How to stand out, including writing a follow-up thank you letter
  • Understanding the after-interview process and when to reach out to an employer
  • Evaluating and negotiating a job offer

Where do you need to begin in your job search?

  • Career Development Services will review your resume or help you write one.
  • Writing an effective professional resume can help you present a stand-out image. A resume details your skills and training, work experience, education, and, most importantly, accomplishments.
  • Learn more about resume writing.

  • A Career Development Specialist will conduct a mock interview to help you prepare, develop your accomplishment stories, and practice answering interview questions.
  • An interview is an important part of the job search process. It allows you and the employer to determine if your personality, skills, and talents align with the company’s needs.
  • Learn more about job interviews.

  • A Career Development Specialist will walk you through developing a professional profile, searching for jobs, networking with alumni and colleagues in your industry, and showing you how to create a positive online brand using LinkedIn.
  • A LinkedIn profile can help define and showcase your skills and experiences, so you can build a professional network and connect with potential employers. Learn how to get recognized by recruiters.
  • Learn more about LinkedIn.

  • A Career Development Specialist can help you understand the different types of professional networks, best practices for networking, and how to create an elevator pitch.
  • Eighty percent of people find their jobs through networking, so understanding what that means and how you can develop your strategy to connect with people can be critical to your future success.

  • A Career Development Specialist can advise you on how an e-portfolio can help you achieve your goals, review the important components, and show you how to publish your unique e-portfolio.
  • An e-portfolio allows you to display a collection of your work, projects, and other artifacts, in an electronic form.

  • A Career Development Specialist can help job seekers prepare and navigate a job fair.
  • Job fairs allow job seekers to meet representatives from many companies to network, develop professionally, and find jobs.

  • Finding a job is not easy. Sometimes we bump into unexpected obstacles in life and the job search process. These obstacles can range from a lack of experience to having a criminal background.
  • A Career Development Specialist can assist you by being supportive and exploring methods of overcoming some obstacles that can stand in your way of getting the job you want. We can help you find resources, learn best practices, and navigate the roadblocks in your way.

We have the tools to support you!

ECC’s Career Development Specialists have many tools to aid you in the job search process. Niche job boards, informational websites, and tips on how to use applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a few. Below are more:

  • Hire Spartans Website: Hire Spartans is ECC’s job board. Search for jobs and internships from local employers looking for ECC students, graduates, and community members. Visit College Central to register for a free account today.
  • Internships: Getting real-world experience while still in school is essential to career success. Once you have a resume reviewed through Career Development Services, we encourage you to engage with ECC’s experiential learning department. You can meet with an Internship Coordinator who can help you connect with opportunities to secure your internship. Visit the internship page.
  • More Job Search Resources: See specific resources on our online resources page to help your job search.

Let Career Development Services help you get ahead

Career Development Specialists are available to assist in the entire job search process by helping you create an overall job search plan, reviewing your resume, conducting mock interviews, and integrating best practices to ensure your job search is successful.

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