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Students at welcome weeks event

I'll provide the resources and guidance necessary to thrive throughout your college journey. I'm here to support you at every step, from offering advice on financial aid to connecting you with free student support resources. Your success is my ultimate goal!



  • ECC has grants to help eligible students complete career training in in-demand health care, early childhood education, and recovery support. These grants can help with tuition, transportation, textbooks, materials, and more. 

Transfer Services

  • Elgin Community College’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality Department is partnering with Roosevelt University to provide culinary arts & hospitality students the option to apply directly to Roosevelt University to continue their education in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management.

Reminders from the Dean of Students

Smoke-Free Campus
  • ECC's campuses are completely smoke-free and drug-free. Smoking and vaping are prohibited. Please observe this policy while on campus. If you'd like help quitting smoking or vaping, contact Wellness Services ( 
Class Withdrawal and Refund Policy
  • We strongly encourage students to discuss any intention to withdraw from a class with their instructor, academic advisor, and financial aid advisor before dropping the class. The College's withdrawal and tuition refund deadlines are based on the class length and can be found here.
Phishing Emails
  • ECC's Information Technology Security team works hard to keep you and your data safe. Still, some phishing emails get through to students, which can look fairly convincing. Please know the majority of communication sent to you by the College will come from this account ("ECC News") or from another "" or "" email address. If you receive an email from an account or person you do not recognize, think twice before clicking links, replying, or providing personal information. When in doubt, forward the email to for review. For more information on email phishing and how to protect yourself, see here.
  • ECC partners with Vector LMS for some discrimination and sexual harassment training; students may receive legitimate emails from this company from an “” email address. These are safe to open and engage with.
Student Safety Video
  • We are pleased to share this Emergency Management Safety Procedures Video. The 5-minute video provides important information about personal protective measures that should be taken during an emergency and followed during College drills.



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Fax: 847-214-7356

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