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Slide Layouts

New Slide

To add a new slide, go to Slide > New slide. This will add a slide with the default layout.

Add a new slide

Change Slide Layout

If you decide to add something to the slide that is not in your current layout, you can change the layout. For example, the slide you are working on has a title and content. You decide to add an image to the slide, but the current layout does not have an image placeholder. In that case, you can go to Slide > Apply Layout and choose a layout with an image placeholder in it.

Apply Layout

Theme Builder

You can also create custom templates using the slide master feature. This is very beneficial because you can add desired placeholders to your layouts. For example, if your layouts do not include an image placeholder, you can create a custom layout with the image placeholder. Steps to use the slide master:

  1. Go to Slide > Edit theme. It will show you the theme and all the layouts that are included in that theme.
    Edit theme option
  2. You can choose the theme, add a custom background, logo, headers, and footers, change fonts, add animations, add content placeholders, etc. Selecting a theme is the best way to change styles throughout the presentation.
  3. You can make the changes in the THEME slide or the layout slides. Changes in the THEME slide apply to all the layout slides. The changes in a layout only apply to that layout.
    Theme and layout slides

Below is a step-by-step process for creating a custom layout with placeholders.

  1. Open the theme builder from Slide > Edit theme and click Insert > New Layout.
    New layout
  2. This will insert a new layout with a slide title.
  3. To insert a placeholder on the tab, click on the placeholder and drag the mouse to draw it in the layout.
  4. You can also rename your layout by clicking on the Rename button on top of the theme builder.
    Rename custom layout
  5. Once you have made all the necessary changes, you can close the theme builder by clicking the close button on the top right corner. When you click on Slide > Apply Layout, you will see the new layouts you created.
    Apply Layout