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Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Identifying opportunities to improve student learning is the purpose of the outcomes assessment process. 

Department & Committee Information

The Assessment Department plans, organizes, supports, and documents assessment activities throughout the college. The Office of Compliance, Curriculum, and Assessment fall under the Teaching, Learning, and Student Development Division.

The assessment committee comprises faculty to help ECC improve student learning and strengthen its curriculum and services.

Components of College-Wide Outcome Assessment

General Education Outcomes

  • Learning which broadly prepares students for careers and further education
  • Knowledge and skills gained from courses, extra-curricular activities, and other college experiences
  • Reading, writing, scientific literacy, quantitative literacy, critical thinking, technology, information literacy, and global awareness

Program/Service Outcomes

  • Knowledge and skills are obtained after a sequence of courses or a specific curriculum.

Course Outcomes

  • Knowledge and skills obtained at the end of a specific course

Classroom/Instruction Outcomes

  • Classroom assessment techniques (CATs) are used by faculty within the classroom setting to enhance teaching and learning.

Student Satisfaction & Engagement

  • Surveys to measure students' opinions, perceptions, experiences, and behaviors
  • Integral data for planning quality improvement initiatives throughout the college