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Impact - Linda Deering Dean: Leading with Heart

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Published 07/27/2020
Linda Deering Dean

Linda Deering Dean

Inspiring alumna leaves legacy at Sherman Hospital

Linda Deering Dean never imagined herself as the president of a regional hospital. When she enrolled at Elgin Community College to continue her education, she was working full time as a registered nurse and raising a family. She appreciated having an affordable option in the community to help her achieve her goal of advancing to a high-level clinical nursing position.

“There is no reason to go into debt at a four-year college when you can get your start at ECC,” said Deering Dean.

Education and Career Journey

Deering Dean attended ECC part time, taking only a class or two each semester. After earning an associate degree, she transferred to Northern Illinois University to complete bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing.

As she pursued her education and accepted new career opportunities, Deering Dean found a passion for leadership as much as nursing. That passion led her to the role of president at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, where she recently retired after five years at the helm.

Leadership Exemplified

Known in the hospital industry as a change agent, Deering Dean’s leadership at Sherman resulted in an increase in patient and employee satisfaction.

Deering Dean, who will receive the ECC 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award, makes time to give back to the “outstanding” institution where she started. In 2017, Deering Dean became a member of Purses with Purpose, the ECC Foundation’s women’s leadership group, and joined the ECC Foundation Board of Directors in 2019. Most recently, she established a full-ride scholarship program for nursing students of color.

Nurses on the Front Lines

Reflecting on the current global pandemic, Deering Dean notes that nurses are playing a critical role during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Nurses are on the front lines every day helping their communities,” she said, adding that the selflessness of these workers is an exemplary illustration of the nursing profession.


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