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Stipend Criteria

During the academic year, Upward Bound students have the opportunity to earn a stipend of up to $40.00 every month, for a total of $320.00 each academic year. The guidelines below outline how students can earn their stipend through participation in the program.

Stipend Rules

In order to begin receiving points towards their stipend, students must do the following:

  • Attend the AY orientation for the current year.
  • Submit all required AY paperwork.
  • Complete the ECC application.
Stipend Criteria
Stipend Criteria Amount Earned
Saturday Academy: Attend Saturday Academy $10
Advising Meeting: Meet with your Upward Bound advisor at least once. $10
Tutoring: Students earn $10 for every tutoring session, up to $20 per month $20
Monthly Total $40
Potential Stipend Earnings
Month Amount Earned
October $40
November $40
December $40
January $40
February $40
March $40
April $40
May $40
Yearly Total $320.00