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Dental Assisting Program Admissions

Admissions Procedures

All candidates seeking admission to this program must submit the following items to the ECC Records Office, Building B, Room B105.


After Admission Checklist

  • Register with CastleBranch
    1. Create your my CB account by visiting ECC's Castlebranch site.
    2. Select the 'Place Order' button.
    3. From the 'Please Select' menu, choose 'Dental Assisting':
      • Choose 'lg10: I need to order my Background Check, Drug Test, Compliance Tracker, and eLearning Tracker' from the list.
      • Read the order instructions and the check box; select the 'Click to Continue button.
      • Agree to the terms and conditions by selecting the check box and the 'Continue' button.
      • Complete the application form process.
      • Pay the $117.50 package fee.
    4. Complete and upload scanned copies or pictures of required documents to your myCB account under each section of the compliance tracker at least two weeks before classes start.
  • Drug Testing

    Must be completed before the beginning of class.

    Review administrative procedure 3.406 for additional information.

  • Criminal Background Check

    Must be completed before the beginning of class.

    Review administrative procedure 3.406 for additional information.

  • Health Insurance

    Upload the front and back of your insurance card. If you are on someone else's insurance, upload the document that you are covered under from that insurance and both sides of their card.

    If you don't have medical insurance, please visit for coverage options.

  • Personal Medical History Form

    Your doctor or nurse practitioner needs to sign their name where it says 'Signature' and either stamp or attach their business card in the blank area. If this is not done, it will be rejected.

    Also, be sure you (the student) sign and date the bottom of the form. Upload the form into CastleBranch under 'Personal Medical History Form.' You don't need to get a physical done at your provider unless your provider recommends it before you take care of patients. Be sure to upload both sides of this form.

    Be sure to include the following proof of immunity or declination signed for Tuberculosis (TB), Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella (Chicken Pox) titer, Tdap Vaccine, Influenza (flu) Vaccine, and Hepatitis B titer.

  • CPR Training

    The following list of CPR, BLS, and ACLS course providers is accepted by DANB as meeting certification and recertification requirements. Courses must include CPR, and a hands-on exam must be taken.

    • American Environmental Health and Safety
    • American Heart Association
    • American Red Cross
    • American Safety and Health Institute
    • Canadian Red Cross
    • Emergency Care and Safety Institute
    • Emergency First Response
    • Emergency Medical Training Associates
    • EMS Safety Services
    • Medic First Aid
    • Medical Training Associates
    • Military Training Network
    • National Safety Council (Green Cross)
    • Saudi Heart Association
  • Health Professions Voluntary Assumption & Release of Liability

    Signed and uploaded to myCB account.

  • Consent Form for Human Subject

    Signed and uploaded to myCB account.

  • Course Supplies
    • Textbooks
    • ECC uniform:
      • Available in the bookstore. Long sleeve scrub jacket and pants (short sleeve shirt is optional).
    • Clinic shoes:
      • All black or all white.

Note: Health professions programs require criminal background checks, drug testing, and specific medical requirements including updated vaccinations, current CPR, and PT program students must have a driver’s license. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test will be denied admission to health professions programs. Students demonstrating a positive background check or positive drug test while enrolled in health professions programs will be dismissed from the program.

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Admissions & Recruitment

Building B, Room B110
Fax: 847-608-5458

Live Chat

Monday through Thursday: 8 am to 7 pm
Fridays: 8 am to 4 pm

*Bilingual Admissions Coordinator: 847-214-7689


Program Director for Dental Assisting Program

Kimberly Plate
Building A, Room A153.05