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Department: Automotive

Program Type: Automotive and Truck Driving

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Accelerate your career path with Elgin Community College's Automotive program. As an automotive student, You'll receive thorough training covering all aspects of vehicle maintenance for different types of vehicles. Our automotive instructors are top-notch professionals with ASE Professional Level certification, many of whom hold the title of Master Technician with 20-30 years of experience. They'll be there to mentor you, helping you learn diagnostic skills, troubleshooting, and essential shop safety procedures.

At ECC, We prepare students to demonstrate proficiency with various tools essential for automotive repair. Students learn to identify components and articulate the purpose and function of various automotive systems. The curriculum covers the basic operation of major vehicle systems and emphasizes the importance of performing basic preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, students gain hands-on experience in diagnosing and repairing various automotive systems, equipping them with practical skills essential for a successful career in the automotive industry.

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Prepare for Immediate Employment

The employment outlook for the automotive industry varies depending on the specific occupation and location. Over the decade, roughly 73,300 job openings for automotive service technicians are projected yearly. This specific role is expected to increase with the increase in demand. Service technicians will be needed to perform repair and maintenance checks on fixing or repairing parts. Refer to Career Coach for more information regarding similar occupations and compensation.

Plan of Study and Course Descriptions

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Associate of Applied Science

Basic Vocational Certificates

How to Become an Automotive Specialist?

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive at Elgin Community College provides comprehensive training in all aspects of automotive maintenance for various vehicle types. The program covers the function, construction, operation, and servicing of key automotive components, including fuel systems, manual and automatic transmissions, suspension and brake systems, driveline units, heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, computer controls, and emission systems. Students also learn diagnosis and troubleshooting techniques, shop safety, and procedures.

Automotive Certificates

The automotive program at ECC includes multiple specialized certificates designed to enhance skills and knowledge in various areas of automotive repair. Students can pursue certificates in Automotive Electrical Specialist, Brake and Suspension Specialist, Engine Mechanical Repair Specialist, Engine Performance Specialist, Transmission and drivetrain Specialist, and Auto Heating and air Conditioning Specialist. Each certificate provides focused training in its respective area, preparing students with hands-on experience and expertise to excel in automotive maintenance and repair. These certificates provide diverse career opportunities in the automotive industry.

What is the Job Outlook in the Automotive Industry?

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimates that automotive service technicians and mechanics are projected to show little to no change from 2020 to 2030. On average, there are an estimated 69,000 job openings for automotive service technicians and mechanics over the next decade.

It's unsure what future employment looks like in the automotive industry, but there's been a significant increase in the production of electric vehicles. This may limit the demand for automotive technicians and mechanics because electric vehicles require less maintenance. Check out the Career Coach site to learn about related professions and compensation.

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Video Overview

An overview of Elgin Community College's automotive program. This program provides training in all phases of automotive maintenance work for all types of vehicles.

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