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Department: Accounting

Program Type: Business and Information Technology

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Elgin Community College's Accounting Program equips you with the knowledge to comprehend, record, and analyze both financial and managerial transactions.

This two-year business degree program prepares you to meet the present-day demands of the business world and facilitates seamless transfer to accounting programs at universities. You delve into various aspects of accounting, including transactions, terminology, essential ratios, tax regulations, and the utilization of computerized accounting software.

ECC's business curriculum encompasses a comprehensive range of business skills, encompassing economics, business law, communication, general business concepts, and mathematical applications tailored for business contexts. 

For those specifically interested in bookkeeping, ECC offers a bookkeeping certificate program that covers the entirety of the accounting cycle, both manually and using computerized systems. You gain proficiency in essential office technologies such as QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access databases, along with a solid foundation in payroll principles and general business operations. The curriculum for this certificate also encompasses management, economics, and communication skills, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for your future business career.

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Prepare for Immediate Employment

The future employment outlook for accounting is positive, supported by compelling facts. Growth is propelled by the escalating complexity of financial regulations and the imperative for organizations to ensure compliance. As businesses persist in expanding and globalizing, the demand for accountants and auditors is expected to remain strong. Refer to Career Coach for more information regarding related occupations and compensation.

Plan of Study and Course Descriptions

Review the ECC catalog for details about the accounting plan of study and course descriptions.

Associate of Applied Science

Vocational Certificate

What jobs can you get with an Accounting Degree?

An accounting degree can lead to a variety of career opportunities, including positions such as:

  • Accountant: Accountants oversee financial records, analyze data, and ensure adherence to tax regulations, serving businesses, governments, or individuals.

  • Auditor: Auditors verify financial records for accuracy and compliance with laws, working with public accounting firms, government bodies, or private enterprises.

  • Financial Analyst: Financial analysts analyze financial data and advise on investment strategies for firms, banks, or corporations.

  • Tax Accountant: Tax accountants prepare and file tax returns, offering planning and guidance to clients, both individuals and businesses.

  • Budget Analyst: Budget analysts prepare and analyze budgets for various organizations, aiding in expenditure control for governments, non-profits, or businesses.

  • Financial Manager: Financial managers handle an organization's financial resources, including budgeting and investment decisions, across private, public, or non-profit sectors.

  • Controller: Controllers oversee financial operations, including accounting and budgeting, for various entities, be they private businesses, government bodies, or non-profits.

  • Risk Manager: Risk managers identify and mitigate financial risks for institutions like banks or insurance companies, safeguarding stability.

Remember that some of these positions may require additional certifications or experience.

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