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Key Imperatives & College Goals

Priorities for carrying out our mission

These key imperatives guide annual goals for departments, committees, and employees throughout the life of this plan.

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Teaching and Learning Excellence

Deliver instructional practices and curriculum to ensure student-centered learning.

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Lifelong Connections

Create a lifelong meaningful, and mutual relationship with the college.

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ECC Experience

Cultivate a welcoming destination for students, employees, and our community.

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Fortify Our Future

Position the college to remain affordable while ensuring long-term financial stability and operational efficiency.

2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan

Creating the Current Plan

For the first time, our strategic plan was created 100% virtually. This meant the team couldn’t work in a conference room in small table discussions with flip charts and post-it notes. The team had to find new ways to facilitate the group’s participation through the technology of Zoom® break out rooms, Google® docs and sheets, Padlet®, and a fun online tool called Piccles® (pronounced “pickles”).