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Rave Alert

Elgin Community College partners with Rave Mobile Safety to offer an emergency notification system called 'Rave Alert' to deliver reliable emergency text and email messages to employees and students whenever there is an emergency or safety issue for the campus community.

No registration is required. You are automatically signed up if you are an ECC, administrator, staff, current student, or prospective student.

Login Instructions

  1. To log in, go to
  2. Enter your ECC username (e.g., jdoe1234) and password.

The same user ID password you use to log into accessECC Portal.

Registration Requirements

  • Your cell phone must be capable of receiving text messages
  • Normal text messaging rates apply


Rave Alert is the official emergency notification system Elgin Community College uses to communicate with students and employees whenever there is an emergency or safety issue for the campus community. Rave specializes in higher education emergency communication.

An emergency is considered any event that poses a safety risk to college community members, including campus closings due to severe winter weather conditions.

Text messages are sent from Rave Alert using shortcodes. When you receive a text via a short code, you'll receive a message from either 67283 or 226787. We strongly encourage you to save this number in your phone address book after you receive your first message. The message will be more recognizable in future emergencies as official communication from ECC. If your carrier or phone does not support short-code messaging, the messages you receive will come from

Email messages from Rave Alert will be sent from the email address: Please be sure this email address is not blacklisted or blocked by your email providers.

Email messages from Rave Alert will be sent from the email address: After configuring your alerts for the first time, check your email configurations and ensure this email address is an approved email you wish to receive.

You are automatically subscribed to the Rave Alert system once you have received your employee or student ID and email address.

You cannot opt out of emergency messages delivered to your ECC-issued email address; however, you can unsubscribe your personal phone and email addresses by logging into the system and deleting these subscriptions. You may also stop messages directly through your phone by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

Go to Log in with your ECC username (jdoe1234) and password. This is your username and password for logging in to the accessECC portal.

If you have never attended ECC before and have received an emergency alert from our system, it’s likely that your phone number was previously used by someone affiliated with ECC who used this system. You may opt out of receiving these text messages by texting the word STOP to 67283 or 226787. These instructions should also be included in the text of every message you receive.

Never. We respect your privacy, and you will never receive anything except official ECC emergency communications.

No, you cannot subscribe directly. However, your student can include up to three contact numbers and email addresses in their account. You can ask your student to add your contact information to their account on your behalf.

The Rave Alert system will not charge you, but you are responsible for paying all messaging charges associated with your wireless carrier plan.

Rave Alert supports all U.S. mobile carriers.

If your contact information changes, log in to the system and update your contact details. Please note: This will only change your contact information in the Rave Alert database.

To change student contact information globally in ECC's systems, please notify Registration and Records, located in Building B, Room B105, at 847-214-7393 or

To change employee contact information globally, visit the accessECC portal and select 'Faculty' or 'Employee' on the self-service tab. Then select 'Address Change' to update your contact information.

ECC students should contact First Stop at 847-214-7570 or ECC employees should contact the Help Desk at 847-214-7979 or