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Graduate Essays - Liam Coleman: ECC is a bright choice for a bright future

Graduation Cap

A few ECC graduates share what this achievement means to them

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Published 05/20/2020
Liam Coleman, class of 2020

Liam Coleman, class of 2020

After I graduated high school, I was not sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. At the time Elgin Community College seemed like the best option: it was close to home and less expensive than other colleges. But even then, I still felt like ECC was “just a community college,” and that I should have started attending a four-year university.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Right from the start, I could tell that the ECC community truly cared about me, and was willing to guide me every step of the way to completing my degree. All of the staff around campus - from librarians to cafeteria cashiers - were always friendly and helpful. All of my professors had an expert grasp on what they were teaching, and I never heard a student complaining about not understanding them. And there are always - and I mean always - activities and events taking place all around campus, from guest speaker events in the Spartan Auditorium to Socrates Café in the Fish Bowl, to karaoke in the Jobe Lounge!

This all probably sounds like propaganda, but it’s true. I was able to transition from high school to college in a fun, friendly, and engaging environment that allowed me to work towards my associate degree whilst giving me time to figure out and explore what I wanted to do with my life. I cannot recommend ECC enough to prospective students, and can personally attest to ECC being a bright choice for a bright future.


Liam Coleman ‘20
Associate in Arts
South Elgin, IL