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Graduate Essays - Eduardo Chaidez: To ECC, thank you for the memories

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Published 05/16/2022
Eduardo Chaidez, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate

Eduardo Chaidez, Spring 2022 ECC Graduate

Between 2013 and 2022, I've changed majors eight times, been to three universities, earned an associate in science, completed over 100 credit hours, have a cumulative GPA of 2.8, earned my industrial maintenance certificate, and will start my career repairing kidney transporters. During my time at Elgin Community College, I was part of the Anime Club. I've been a member, the vice treasurer, treasurer, and president of the club. I've helped organize and volunteer in 18 events, fundraised more than $3,000, and met several friends with different cultures and diversities.

At a glance, one might say that I wasted so many years to graduate with a certificate and degree that takes two semesters to complete. I beg to differ. Graduation is a celebration of achievements, but the vast majority of the time, our academic accomplishments outshine our achievements earned in between classes. To ignore all that I've done and learned outside of class would be to ignore a part of who I am today. Understanding the why of the world is important, but you will be lost if you don't understand who you are.

To the anime club members, thank you for helping, caring, and showing me what it means to be a leader. To the club advisor, thank you for guiding us. To all of my teachers, thank you for the knowledge. To ECC, thank you for the memories. Finally, to my parents, thank you for supporting, guiding, and allowing me to learn on my own.

Eduardo Chaidez '22
Basic Vocational Certificate, Industrial Maintenance
South Elgin, Ill.

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