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Graduate Essays - Danielle Lauritzen: ECC let me grow into who I am today

Graduation Cap

A few ECC graduates share what this achievement means to them

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Published 12/11/2020
December 2020 Graduate Danielle Lauritzen

December 2020 Graduate Danielle Lauritzen

In high school, I was lucky enough to know what I intended to make of my life and that I would come to understand my place in this world through the work I had a passion for - teaching. I enjoy teaching youth and guiding them from Step A to Step B, whether in math, English, or another subject.  

I believe with every fiber of my soul, body, and mind that the teachers we encounter shape not only how we learn but what we see in ourselves. A good teacher sees the great in those they teach, and in my time at Elgin Community College, I have come to know educators who saw greatness in me.

The rest of the ECC community, including advisors, peers, and my student worker supervisors, added to the sense of belonging. In and out of the classroom, my work and place with others was solidified with each passing semester. I have had the pleasure of learning more about what I can accomplish academically, personally, and professionally.

My time at ECC has let me grow into who I am today and succeed at the goals I’ve set for the future.


– Danielle Lauritzen, Bartlett
   Associate of Applied Science


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