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2024 - Maria Borrero Veaz and Robin Seigle of Elgin Community College honored by YWCA Elgin

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Published 05/28/2024
Maria Borrero Veaz (left), manager of community engagement and legislative affairs, and Robin Seigle (right), secretary for the ECC Foundation at the YWCA Elgin's Leadership Luncheon

Maria Borrero Veaz (left), manager of community engagement and legislative affairs, and Robin Seigle (right), secretary for the ECC Foundation at the YWCA Elgin's Leadership Luncheon

At the YWCA Elgin’s 40th Leadership Luncheon on May 9, 2024, two individuals from Elgin Community College were recognized. Maria Borrero Veaz, manager of community engagement and legislative affairs, received the Beatrice Dorsey Award for Business and Professions. Robin Seigle, secretary for the ECC Foundation, received the Marjorie Leonard Award for Volunteer & Community Service. Thirty-six women leaders were nominated, and eight were recognized with awards at the event.

Maria Borrero Veaz

Gabi Vargas, founder of the National Hispanic Suicide Prevention Network (NHSPN), nominated Veaz and, in the submission, noted how Veaz embodies dedication and innovation in community outreach with over a decade of experience. As a bridge between diverse communities and essential services, she significantly enhances the lives of families with special needs and promotes cultural appreciation.

“I seriously did not expect to win this award, but I’m happy for Gabi Vargas, who did an amazing job gathering and submitting my work and accomplishments,” said Veaz. “Being nominated is an accomplishment on its own. Let this be proof of the work of Latina leaders and women of color in general in our community, which is often overlooked.”

Veaz’s work in the community includes working with Vargas at the National Hispanic Suicide Prevention Network (NHSPN), working as an advisor for the Elgin Police Department Explorer programs, continuing efforts to expand Spanish and Language services for seniors in the community, and celebrating women at the Woman of the Year Pageant. She also organized her second annual Dia de Muertos A Celebrating of Life, with her ELLAS team, which stands for Elgin Latino Leadership Alliance for Seniors.

Vaez’s commitment to her community reflects the mission of the YWCA, which is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, and dignity for all.

According to Veaz, 2023 felt like a very special year for her because it was an amazing year in our community.

Robin Seigle

Denise Tracy nominated Seigle and, in a statement in her nomination form from Maureen Manning, executive director of the community crisis center, notes how Seigle is an extraordinary woman whose volunteer efforts have added to the life of the greater Elgin community for decades.

Seigle has served on boards of the ECC Foundation, Community Crisis Center, the Elgin Symphony Orchestra League, and the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra. Seigle is also involved in many different capacities at her synagogue, Congregation Kneseth Israel, and is on the board of Elgin Hadassah, a women’s Zionist organization. In addition to board membership, Seigle is a volunteer at the Food for Greater Elgin and PADS of Elgin and has spent ten years volunteering with her dog in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program at Advocate Sherman Hospital.

“I was quite humbled to receive this award and honestly wasn’t expecting to win,” said Seigle. “There were so many other deserving women in my category. It was an honor to get up on stage with all the winners, and it makes me really proud that I am able to give back to the local community.”

Seigle said her work aligns with the YWCA’s mission, and it’s making the world a better place, which is most important to her.

The Leader Luncheon is a signature event of the YWCA Elgin, held annually to honor deserving women for their outstanding accomplishments and raise funds to support the organization's work. 

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