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A degree in business at Elgin Community College provides you with an opportunity to study all facets of a business. You’ll learn the skills needed to meet the demands of business functions and develop a solid foundation of business knowledge and acumen. The two-year associate degree prepares you for entry-level employment in today’s ever-changing business world. You will gain insight into business basics, principles of management, concepts of marketing, financial accounting, e-commerce, sales, and global business needs. Additional business skills include the study of economics, business law, communication concepts, and applications of math for business.

In addition to the two-year degree, you can pursue concentrations and certificate options in entrepreneurship, marketing, retail management, and management.

As an entrepreneurial-minded student, you should be self-motivated and understand the demand for a product or service you want to develop. Faculty help you foster an entrepreneurial mindset through coursework as well as extracurricular projects.

A marketing or retail management concentration within the two-year degree plus additional certificates provide you with opportunities to study marketing concepts, pricing, advertising, merchandise planning, product planning/development, promotion, and sales techniques.

When you pursue a management concentration, you will study the principles and concepts of business management, develop an understanding of interpersonal skills and how to allocate resources necessary to effectively plan, organize, staff, and lead within an organization.

Planning to Transfer

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