Biology—the study of life in all its grandeur—is a rapidly expanding field that addresses a diverse array of issues relevant to health and nutrition, biotechnology, and environmental protection. As a career field, biologists are responsible for cutting-edge academic and industrial research in medicine and genetics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and ecological studies, and are at the forefront of understanding everything about life from the molecular biology of microscopic cells to the evolution of entire species.

Whether you’re enrolling in one course or looking to major in biology at a four-year school, you can explore a variety of courses covering topics such as microbiology, physiology, and the environment.

Elgin Community College’s Biology faculty members have a wide range of interests and backgrounds to enhance your learning experience. Varied curricula enable you to take your education as far as you’d like to go, while building a strong foundation that can lead to an exciting, in-demand career in the life sciences.

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