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Information for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

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Enrollment, Graduation and Transfer

The Federal government, under the Student Right to Know Act, requires that all colleges and universities report the proportion of full-time students who complete programs within 150% of the normal time required for completion. For Elgin Community College, a community college with two-year programs, that time period is three years for associate degrees and proportionately less for certificates.

View the Graduation and Transfer Rate Disclosure information

Completion statistics released by the Illinois Community College Board disclose how full-time students who entered Elgin Community College in Fall 2009 compared with other community college students in Illinois. Fifty-four percent of Elgin Community College students had completed, transferred, or were still enrolled three years later.

If these students were followed for four years rather than three years, the transfer and graduation rates would increase. Three years is a relatively short time frame for community college students, many of whom are working full-time or part-time: others may leave school temporarily for work or family reasons; or they may change their program of study; and some students may require developmental coursework upon admission. All of these factors tend to delay events like graduation or transfer.

For disaggregated completion/graduation rates see Performance Report.

Criminal Incidents Statistics and Information

The college prepares, publishes and disseminates statistical reports on crimes and arrests defined under the Crime Awareness and Campus Safety Act of 1990, CFR 668.41.

Civil Rights

Information addressing H1N1 influenza (swine flu) provided by the U.S. Department of Justice.

More Right to Know Information

Illinois Community College Board (ICCB)

The ICCB is a statewide website that provides a single point of reference to review salary and benefits information for administrative and instructional employees (full and part-time) in Illinois’ 48 public community colleges. The Illinois Community College System Annual Administrator and Faculty Salary and Benefits Portal addresses requirements of Public Act 096-0266.

Student Diversity Disclosure

FY 2017 Student Body DiversityFull-time/Part-time Status (12 Hours)
Primary Ethnic/Racial ClassificationAsian7667%3117%1,0777%
American Indian or Alaska Native651%451%1101%
Black or African American4945%2155%7095%
Hispanic or Latino4,98446%1,43133%6,41542%
Nonresident Alien410%381%791%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander100%70%170%
Choose not to respond or unknown3373%1253%4623%
Pell Grant StatusYes Pell Eligible00%00%00%
Yes Pell Actual Recipient1,65215%1,39933%3,05120%
Age Range (22 and Under)Unspecified00%00%00%
22 and Under4,85344%3,44780%8,30055%
23 through 292,54823%56913%3,11720%
30 through 391,70316%1594%1,86212%
40 through 491,08910%692%1,1588%
Major Area of StudyUniversity Transfer6,04155%3,41280%9,45362%
Career/Technical Degree1,61415%62915%2,24315%
Career/Technical Non-Degree6606%1584%8185%
Adult Basic and Secondary Education6666%652%7315%
English as a Second Language1,93718%180%1,95513%
First Generation College StudentNo Response3,28430%2105%3,49423%
Student in the first generation of their family to attend college3,68734%1,64838%5,33535%
Student not in the first generation of their family to attend college3,95536%2,42757%6,38242%
Enrollment Status As of Initial RegistrationUnspecified00%00%00%
First-time student in college-level coursework8678%1,03024%1,89712%
New pre-college student1,13610%2285%1,3649%
Transfer student8157%3147%1,1297%
New general studies or vocational skills student00%00%00%
Continuing student4,22139%1,96846%6,18941%
Moved to college-level from pre-college coursework5445%1032%6474%
Returning student2,36222%3558%2,71718%
Already possesses BA+5365%842%6204%
High school student4454%2035%6484%
Student LevelFreshman4,54342%2,97769%7,52049%
Dual Enrollment3153%441%3592%
Unclassified or other3,59033%2666%3,85625%
Dual Credit1301%1594%2892%

Source:  ICCB Annual Student Enrollment and Completion (A1) data, FY2017.

 Full-time/Part-time Status (12 Hours)
Average Age282226
Enrolled credit hours98,739.50102,550.50201,290.00

Source:  ICCB Annual Student Enrollment and Completion (A1) data, FY2017.

Graduation and Transfer Rate Disclosure

Fall 2013 Cohort of Full-Time Degree/Certificate Seeking Students*

 ECC  State of IL 
Students% Students%
Initial cohort (full-time, first-time, degree/certificate seeking)899100.0% 29,683100.0%
Completed a degree or certificate33437.2% 8,03427.1%
Completed within 150% of normal time879.7% 1,5625.3%
Completed in more than 150% of normal time24727.5% 6,47221.8%
Still enrolled13014.5% 3,37611.4%
Transferred to another institution20522.8% 6,87649.1%
Did not transfer to another institution and are not enrolled 23025.6% 11,39738.4%
Successful (completed, transferred, or still enrolled)66974.4% 18,28661.6%

*Source: ICCB IPEDS 2016-17 Reporting Year Graduation Rates Survey Summary

Job Placement Rates Disclosure

Employment Rate of Completers in Career and Technical Education Programs in 2015

Program Year:2013201420152016
Number of Completers in Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs:1,2741,3261,3341,296
Number of CTE Completers working or placed in military service:9811,0381,0611,046
Percent of CTE Completers working or placed in military service:77.00%78.28%79.54%80.71%

Numerator: Number of CTE concentrators who received an industry-recognized credential, a certificate, or a degree during the reporting year.
Denominator: Number of CTE concentrators in the postsecondary education tracking cohort for the reporting year.

Source: Entering Cohort tracked thru A1. CTE (PCS l.2) completers – based on the Curriculum Prefix and Number of Completion PCS/CIP/ Degree Type,  A1 Items 36-39, Columns 84- 102.

Numbers and Percentages of ECC Graduates in Various Employment Categories

 FY2013 FY2014  FY2015 FY2016
Count% Count% Count% Count%
PresentEmployed Full Time/Military20262% 21059% 23865% 20659%
EmploymentEmployed Part Time8222% 8323% 6317% 10028%
StatusUnemployed, Seeking Employment4512% 3710% 339% 267%
Unemployed, NOT Seeking Employment364% 257% 359% 206%
 Total301100% 355100% 369100% 352100%
Relationship of Present Job to CTE Program at ECCYes, it is related15261% 21071% 21171% 22273%
No, it is not related9940% 8529% 8829% 8427%
Total251100% 295100% 299100% 306100%

Source: ECC Institutional Research Office, Career-Technical Graduate Survey.  

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Athletics Participation

 Number of participants as of the day of the first scheduled contest
Varsity TeamsMen's TeamsWomen's Teams
Track and Field, X-Country32
Total Participants Men's and Women's Teams8258
Unduplicated Count of Participants8258

Source:  Data accessed 10/05/17


Athletically Related Student Aid

 Men's TeamsWomen's TeamsTotal
Ratio (percent)4852100%

Source:  Data accessed 10/05/17


2016 - Students Enrolled in Credit Programs

This information contains the percentages of first-time, degree or certificate seeking students, who attended Elgin Community College full-time in the fall semester of the cohort year specified, who completed or transferred within 3 years.

 Completion / Graduation / Transfer Out Rates
Fall 2016Fall 2013  Fall 2010-2013Fall 2013  Fall 2010-2013
CohortCompletion RateAverage Completion RateTransfer-Out RateAverage Transfer-Out Rate
All StudentsTotal1,4361,5723,00840%34%37%35%29%32%21%24%23%22%23%23%
Asian979619350%23%37%   23%19%21%   
American Indian or Alaska Native6713            
Black or African American485310111%38%22%   16%38%25%   
Hispanic or Latino51946398240%29%34%   16%18%17%   
White6568431,49944%35%39%   22%26%24%   
Nonresident Alien81119 50%50%    50%50%   
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander011            
Two or more races51621138%35%26%   67%26%40%   
Unknown51368738%114%61%   25%43%30%   
Not Scholarship AthletesTotal1,4361,5723,00841%33%37%   21%24%23%   
Asian979619350%23%37%   23%19%21%   
American Indian or Alaska Native6713            
Black or African American485310111%42%23%   16%42%26%   
Hispanic or Latino51946398240%29%35%   16%18%17%   
White6568431,49945%35%40%   22%25%24%   
Nonresident Alien81119 50%50%    50%50%   
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander011            
Two or more races51621138%36%26%   67%27%41%   
Unknown race and ethnicity51368738%43%39%   25%29%26%   
BasketballTotal   33%0%20%   67%0%40%   
American Indian or Alaska Native               
Black or African American    0%0%    0%0%   
Hispanic or Latino               
White   33% 33%   67% 67%   
Nonresident Alien               
Two or more races    0%0%    0%0%   
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander               
BaseballTotal    33%33%    67%67%   
American Indian or Alaska Native               
Black or African American               
Hispanic or Latino               
White    33%33%    67%67%   
Nonresident Alien               
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander               
Two or more races               
Cross Country and TrackTotal   100% 100%   0% 0%   
American Indian or Alaska Native               
Black or African American               
Hispanic or Latino               
White   100% 100%   0% 0%   
Nonresident Alien               
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander               
Two or more races               
Other SportsTotal    67%67%    11%11%   
American Indian or Alaska Native               
Black or African American               
Hispanic or Latino    0%0%    0%0%   
White    100%100%    0%0%   
Nonresident Alien               
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander               
Two or more races               
Unknown    71%71%    14%14%   

Placement in Employment Disclosure

Organizations Employing Recent Elgin Community College Graduates

Responses taken from the Career Technical Graduate Survey, 2017
16th Judicial Circuit Court, Kane County
A & M
ABC Plumbing Heating And Cooling
Able Service
ACL Storage LLC
Advantage Ambulance
Advocate Good Shepard Hospital
Advocate Health Care
Advocate Sherman Hospital
Advocate Sherman West Court
Aeromotive Services
Agape Child Care
Al Piemonte Chevrolet
Al Piemonte Ford
Alden Estates of Barrington
Algonquin Road Surgery Center
Ambulance Transportation Inc. (ATI)
American Home Health
Amita Health Alexian Brothers Medical Center
Amita Health St. Alexius Medical Center
AON Center
Aperion Care
Artisan and Graphics
Associate Bank
A-Tec Ambulance
ATI Physical Therapy
Benchmark International
Biggers Chevrolet
Biggers Mazda
Bison Gear Engineering
Blooming Color Printing Press
Blue Goose Market
Bon Ton Younkers Department Store
Brad Krabbe Carpentry
Brad Manning Ford
Brilliance Subaru
Brownfield Environmental and Engineering Resources
Buona Restaurant
California Pizza Kitchen
Carpentersville Fire Dept
Centegra Health
Chips Manufacturing
City of Elgin
City of West Chicago
Claim Jumper Restaurant
Climate Control Services
Compass Group - Bon Appetite
Concrete Guys
Cork and Fork Restaurant
Correct Care Solutions
Courtesy Buick of GMC
Crystal Lake Montessori School
Custom Aluminum
Dean Foods
Dean's Market And Deli
DeKalb County Nursing and Rehab
Department of Human Services
Department of Labor
Direct Counseling
Discount Tires
Dundee Park District
Dundee Township
DuPage Paper Stock
East Dundee Fire Department
Eatten House
Egg Harbor Cafe
Elegant Event Lighting
Elgin Community College
Elgin Medi Transport
Elgin Mental Health Center
Elgin Sweeper Company
Elgin Toyota
Ella Engineering
Engineered Ceramics
Epic Pediatric Therapy
Esse Adult Day Care Services
Express Agency
Find It
Flossmoor Montessori School
Fox River Valley Public Library
Fox Valley Buick GMC
Fox Valley Fire Alarm
Fox Valley Orthopedics
Fresenius Kabi
Friendship Senior Options
Friendship Village
Frozen Food Express (FFE)
Fruitful Yields
Genesis Rehab Services
Geneva Ale House
Golden Seal Service Experts
Grand Victoria Casino
Hampshire Fire Protection District
Hanover Park Police Department
Health Pro Heritage
Heritage Woods of South Elgin
Hines Hospital
Hoffer Plastics
Home Access
Home Depot
Horse Stable Automotive
Husky Tools
Hyatt Corporation
Insure One
J P Morgan Chase Bank
Jarosch Bakery
Jess Hanson Massage
Jewel Food Stores
Jiffy Lube
Jimmy Johns
Kellenberger Auto Service
Kinney Electrics
Kishwaukee Hospital
KS Law Group LLC
Land Rover of Hoffman Estate
Landro Productions
Lazarus House
Lehman & Menis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Lexington Health Network
Lincolnshire Place
Little Angels Nursing Home
Logistics Service Group (LSG)
Lutheran Home Senior Living
Maciano's Pizza and Pastaria
Marklund at Little Angels
MC Machinery Systems, Inc.
Mercy Health
Meyers and Flowers
MFC Builders
Micro Plastics
Midwest Physical Therapy
Midwest Turner Product
Motel 6
Motorola Solutions
MSI Heating and Cooling
Murphy and Miller (The Pipe Fitter Union 597)
Nancy's Pizza
Nick's Pizza and Pub
Noonday Bread
North Shore University Health System
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northwest Community Health Care
Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital
Now Foods
Official Heating and Cooling
Order of St. Francis
Paramedic Services of Illinois
Paramount Staffing
Poplar Creek
Preferred Benders Inc.
Presence Health
Presence St. Joseph Hospital
Pride of Elgin
Progressive Health
Puget Naval Shipyard
Red Lobster Restaurant
Red Robin Restaurant
Rosewood Care Center
Ross Department Store
Rush Loyola Specialty Hospital
Rutland Dundee Fire Department
Sage Products
Sam's Club
Sanders Transpiration LLC
School District 158 (Huntley)
School District 214
School District 300
School District U-46
Sears Holdings
Sherman Hospital
Silver Spur Ranch
Spaguy Law Firm
Specialson Gastroenterology
Stallman Trucking
Standard Markets
Steamboat Interiors
Streamwood Police Department
Sunrise of Schaumburg
Sunset Haven
Superior Ambulance Service
Sur La Table
Swiss Automations
T.J. Maxx
The Camelot Company
The Goddard School
The Vines Senior Homes - Elgin
Trellis Farm and Garden
Triple D Express
U.S. Army
Union Station
Valley High Nursing Home
Verizon Wireless
Vickford Senior Living
Village Honda
West Dundee Fire Department
Western EMS
Westin Chicago Northwest Hotels and Resorts
Westside Transports
Wildfire Restaurant
Yusen Logistics

Pass Rates on Licensing Examinations

Percentage of Students Who Pass Licensing Examinations in Professional Disciplines

ProgramExamination2014 (Jan - Dec) FY2015 2015 (Jan - Dec) FY2016 2016 (Jan - Dec) FY2017
ECCStateNat’l ECCStateNat’l ECCStateNat’l
N%%% N%%% N%%%
AutomotiveCertification(s) offered through ECC’s testing site for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certifications in a variety of areas          8100%N/AN/A
Basic Nurse AssistantState competency written evaluation exam for certification, which is required for employment (idph.state.il.us)62100%89%N/A 42100%90%N/A 47100%89%N/A
NursingNCLEX-RN licensure exam offered by National Council of State Boards of Nursing (ncsbn.org)9786%84%82% 9990%86%85% 9791%85%85%
LPNNCLEX-PN licensure exam offered by National Council of State Boards of Nursing (ncsbn.org)40100%86%82% 2993%86%82% 29100%91%84%
Clinical Laboratory TechnologyMedical Laboratory Technician Certification exam offered by the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)(ascp.org)8100%N/A78% 7100%N/A82% 683%N/A76%
Dental AssistingGraduates encouraged to take the national exam to become a certified dental assistant (CDA) (danb.org)1587%69%84% 1493%81%85% 789%74%83%
EMT – ParamedicEMT-P state licensure exam offered by Illinois Department of Public Health (idph.state.il.us) and/or national registry exam1486%74%N/A 12100%80%N/A 17100%89%N/A
(Presence/St. Joseph)              
EMT – Paramedic16100%74%N/A 19100%80%N/A 18100%89%N/A
Heating, Ventilation, A/C, Refrigeration, & Energy Management Low Pressure Boiler Operator (HVAC/ESC)---Licensure offered through National Association of Stationary Operator Engineers (NASOE) resulting in low-pressure boiler operator license          683%N/AN/A
HistotechnologyNational Histotechnician Certification exam administered by American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) (ascp.org)9100%N/A71% 888%N/A71% 5100%N/A71%
Magnetic Resonance ImagingNational certifying exam administered by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in magnetic resonance (arrt.org)N/AN/AN/AN/A 989%N/A82% 560%N/A83%
Massage TherapyMassage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) offered by The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) (fsmtb.org)14100%72%73% 10100%66%66% 13100%72%72%
Physical Therapist AssistantNational Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) offered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) (fsbpt.org)1694%N/A86% 1694%N/A84% 18100%N/A87%
RadiographyNational certifying exam administered by American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) (arrt.org), and licensure by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency - Division of Nuclear Safety (IEMA DNS)13100%N/A90% 8100%N/A88% 13100%N/A87%
Surgical TechnologyNational Surgical Technologist Certification exam offered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) (nbstsa.org)15100%N/A70% 1782%N/A70% 2190%N/A70%
Truck DrivingCDL written exam and driving test administered at the commercial driver’s license testing center32100%N/AN/A 44100%N/AN/A 39100%N/AN/A
Total 351    334    349   

Source:  ECC Health Professions Division Office (compiled data from score reports) and the ECC Sustainability, Business, & Career Technologies Division Office.  NA = state or national information not available from the respective agencies.  

Retention Rate Disclosure

Retention Rate* of Fall 2014 Cohort

Student DescriptionECCComparison Institutions**
Full-time students75%68%
Part-time students51%45%

Source: IPEDS Data Feedback Report, 2016.
Retention rate is the percentage of students who began their studies in Fall 2014 and returned in Fall 2015
**Comparison institutions are IPEDS neighboring colleges.