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Student Waitlist Registration Procedures 4.502

Elgin Community College will allow students to place themselves on a waitlist for a particular section of a particular course until the published payment due date for pre-registered students and will not assess tuition or fees for that class. Placement on a wait list does not guarantee enrollment in a class. Students on waitlists are not registered for the class and will not be allowed to attend the class unless they are subsequently properly enrolled in the course. 

Students may be moved from the wait list to the regular class roster, if other students drop the course.  In these cases, students will need to make arrangements to pay tuition and fees associated with that course prior to the published payment due date for pre-registered classes.

Students will not be moved from the waitlist if doing so will create a time conflict or an overload in credits.

After eligible wait list students are moved into seats made available (on a first-come basis) due to drops for non-payment by pre-registered students, wait lists will be discontinued. Students who were not moved into classes must find alternative courses.  Once wait lists are discontinued, students will only be able to register (in person or on-line) for sections with seats available.  After the published payment due date for pre-registered students, students must arrange payment according to the daily drop for non-payment policy.  Students who fail to appropriately arrange payment will be dropped according to that policy and their seats will be re-opened for registration.

Students who have enrolled in payment plans, and who subsequently add classes will have all additional tuition and fees added to the payment plan and those charges will be subject to the same terms and conditions as the original payment plan.



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