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Student Grades 1.103

Grade Point System for Elgin Community College

Grading Chart
Letter Grade Performance Grade Points per Semester Hour
A Superior 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Poor 1.0
E Failure (ended Spring 2005) 0.0
F Failure (started Summer 2005) 0.0
WF Withdrawal-Failure (ended Fall 2004) 0.0

Other Grades & Symbols not used in GPA Calculation

Grading Chart
Letter Grade Performance
AU Audit
AW Administrative Withdrawal (started Spring 2005) | view procedure
CIP Course in Progress
Satisfactory for Proficiency, CLEP, Advanced Placement, & courses taken Pass/No Credit
CR Credit
I Incomplete
NC No Credit for courses taken Pass/No Credit
NR Not Reported
R Course Repeated
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
W Withdrawal | view procedure
Z Drop grace period (started Summer 2014)

The course instructor is exclusively responsible for grading his/her student's classroom work. 
The College Registrar is responsible for recording the proper grade(s) and appropriate grade points on each student's permanent record and will notify each student of the grades assigned.

Midterm and final grades are required for all students. Appropriate midterm grades include, A, B, C, D or F. Students who have never attended or who are not actively pursuing the course according to the attendance policy stated on the course syllabus should be assigned a midterm grade of W by 10th day of the semester but no later than midterm (for classes shorter than 16 weeks, by the 80% refund date as indicated on the Drop Dates by Section spreadsheet at, but no later than midterm). Instructors reserve the right to withdraw a student from class during the withdrawal period due to excessive, unexcused absence or if the student is not actively pursuing completion of the course as stated in the syllabus. (Related Administrative Procedure: 1.202 Schedule Changes and Course Withdrawals) A midterm grade of CR is only appropriate for students eligible for a final grade of CR (e.g. pass/no credit) or those participating in approved experiential learning programs (e.g. internships, study abroad, clinicals).

Final grades are due the Monday following the last day a section meets. 

Incomplete Grades

All courses for which an incomplete grade (I) has been assigned must be completed by the due date assigned by the faculty member teaching the course. The college recommends completion within 120 calendar days after the last day of the course. A failing grade (F) will be recorded for courses not completed by the due date assigned. Under extreme circumstances, a student may obtain an extension if the instructor involved files a grade change form with the revised due date to the Records Office.

Grade Changes

All grade changes must be completed within one calendar year of the course end date. (Related Administrative Procedure: 4.403 Appeal of Final Grade)

Grade Reports

Midterm grade reports are mailed to students receiving a D, F, NC or, for students who have been withdrawn, a W grade at midterm. Students earning a D or F at midterm should meet with their instructor, academic advisor or tutor in the Learning Centers to take corrective measures. Midterm grades are assigned for all students and are available on the portal.

Final grade reports are available electronically through the portal at the end of every semester or session. Final grades are recorded on the student's permanent record in the Registration and Records Office.  

Academic Honors

Academic Honors are based on undergraduate level courses (100 level or above).

A student will be listed on the President’s List at the college when he/she earned a semester grade point average of 4.0 with a minimum of 6 semester hours.

A student will be listed on the Dean's List at the college when he/she has earned a semester grade point average of 3.5-3.99 with a minimum of 6 semester hours.

A student will be listed on the Academic Honors List at the college when he/she has earned a semester grade point average of 3.0-3.49 with a minimum of 6 semester hours. 

Graduation Honors

Graduates who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 to 4.0 for their degree or certificate receive their diplomas with high honors while those achieving a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49 receive their diplomas with honors.

During graduation evaluation, the cumulative grade point average for students earning the AA, AS, AFA, ALS and AES degrees is determined by using all grades received from all courses numbered 100 and above taken at ECC and all grades A-D accepted from other colleges/universities. For students earning the AAS degree and/or any of the occupational certificates, only the grades received in the courses which apply to the AAS degree/certificate are counted for purposes of determining cumulative grade point average at the time of graduation.

For the commencement ceremony and in the printed, hard copy commencement program, candidates are listed in their respective programs and announced with honors based on the grade point average up to but not including the current semester grades. Updated final honors are posted on diplomas and transcripts.

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