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At Your Service

Office of Emergency Management

Tel: 847-214-7676
Location: Bldg. G, room 203

How Can You Prepare?

The college's Emergency Management Team and campus safety office is prepared to communicate possible dangerous situations including severe weather, respond efficiently to any emergency on or near campus, and speed recovery efforts as needed. Whether in a classroom, office or any other location on campus, an emergency can occur at a moment's notice. Know how to get to shelter and how to react to prevent injury and save lives. Encourage others on campus to be ready and get prepared with you. Being prepared isn't difficult, but it does require some effort on your part.


Our resources page contains materials on how to create a plan, identify designated shelters near your classroom or office, and put together an emergency kit that will help you take care of yourself, students, and co-workers.  View resources


In addition, ECC offers emergency preparedness/awareness informational sessions/workshops every semester to educate the college community on what to do before you are confronted with a dangerous or life threatening situation. 

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