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Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision Statement

We pursue our mission by focusing all our efforts on making Elgin Community College one of the best centers of learning in the United States. In recognition of our role as a comprehensive community college, we will strive to create high quality learning opportunities that respond to the needs of the residents of our district.

Mission Statement

The mission of Elgin Community College is to improve people’s lives through learning.

Strategic Goals

  1. Foster a learning-centered environment.
  2. Promote student goal completion.
  3. Promote a climate of collaboration, equity and inclusion among all college constituencies.
  4. Promote greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability in college processes and systems.
  5. Strengthen educational and workforce partnerships to create a more responsive and sustainable community.
  6. Enhance Elgin Community College as an employer of choice.

Shared Values

  • Excellence. All college functions and services must strive for the highest level of excellence to successfully achieve our mission. Learning activities must be of the highest quality to help students achieve their goals.
  • Freedom of Inquiry. We believe a learning community is most engaging and viable when a spirit of free inquiry exists, allowing everyone the freedom to explore new and diverse ideas and to express their interests and attitudes.
  • Equity. We believe that everyone must have an equal opportunity to grow through learning and pledge to provide all who take part in our learning activities with the opportunities and supports needed for success.
  • Ethical Practices. As we strive to develop our learning community, we will maintain at all times the highest level of honestly, communication, cooperation and credibility in all relationships.
  • Accountability. As a public institution, we believe we must assume responsibility for all our decisions and actions, and we must also be open and honest in all our affairs and always ensure that we are making the best use of our resources.
  • Respect for Diversity. All constituencies are important to achieving our vision. Therefore, we must respect the unique and diverse perspectives each person offers and embrace those differences as the means for developing the strongest learning community possible. We promote individual growth and a positive sense of self-worth for all members of the college community.
  • Community Engagement. As an active and involved part of our community, we must play an integral role in developing, advancing, and serving the local community.
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