ECC Foundation Scholarships

Your achievements in class and outside the classroom can earn you scholarship money for educational expenses. Scholarships are “gift aid,” meaning they are a free resource you do not repay. They are awarded for any number of reasons (academic standing, leadership, specialized talents, ethnic origin, etc.) and are available whether you are just beginning your ECC studies or are near graduation. Applications are required for scholarship funds. Some funds are available for in-district students only.

Eligibility Requirements

The ECC Foundation raises funds to improve lives through learning for students at ECC. Thanks to the generosity of its donors and supporters, the ECC Foundation currently offers more than 200 student scholarships each year in four primary categories:

  1. Career areas of study.
  2. Academic and leadership excellence.
  3. Financial need.

ECC Foundation Scholarship applications are screened for a potential match to every available foundation scholarship. This means it is possible to receive more than one, simply by applying with a single application. The key to getting an ECC Foundation Scholarship is to apply early! Each year, the first round of awards is made starting in April. All foundation scholarships require a minimum of 2.0 GPA.

How to Apply for the ECC Foundation Scholarship

Apply Online

Online applications are strongly preferred. Complete the ECC Foundation Scholarship online.  

  • Applications are accepted year-round. The first round of awards for the coming academic year begins in April.

You may receive more than one scholarship from the ECC Foundation.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is required for some, but not all ECC Foundation scholarships.

Apply on Paper

If you must apply on paper, download the ECC Foundation Scholarship Application - PDF, or obtain a copy from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, Room B156, Spartan Drive Campus.

Important notes:
  • Scholarship applications are not complete until you have submitted all required documents.
  • You may apply for both an ECC Foundation Scholarship and District 509 Board of Trustees Scholarships.
  • You may still apply for and receive other forms of financial aid even if you receive scholarships!