Take Five with…Julia Perez

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Published 09/08/2023
Julia Perez, student success coach

Julia Perez, student success coach

Julia Perez, student success coach, grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and began her educational journey at Purdue University Northwest for her bachelor’s degree. After graduating, she made her way to Illinois, working at the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) while completing her Master’s program at Loyola University.

In May 2023, Perez found her way to ECC, helping our students navigate the college landscape, providing support, and building skills. Read on to learn more about Perez’s iconic trip to Santa Severa, Italy, and her favorite spot on campus!

What was your first job? When I was 15, I was a cashier at a local hardware store in Indianapolis.

Binge watcher, book club, or both? Hmmm, I love them both! If I had to choose one, I would probably say book club as I love to read, but I can also enjoy a good binge-watching session.

What’s one thing that really makes your day? While seeing a student succeed is definitely high on my list, the one thing that can make my day, without fail, is my daughter’s laughter.

What’s your favorite spot on campus? I love the reading room on the library's second floor - there is something so calming about it.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled, or where is somewhere you dream of going, and why? My favorite place I have traveled thus far is Santa Severa, Italy. I stayed with friends in a hostel — converted from a castle — on the Tyrrhenian Sea's beach.