Welcome, Spartans, to the Fall 2022 Semester

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Published 08/30/2022
2022-23 Student Leaders: Leslie Gracia, Student Body President, and Alison McVey, Student Trustee

2022-23 Student Leaders: Leslie Gracia, Student Body President, and Alison McVey, Student Trustee

A message from the student body president:

Welcome back! I am so thrilled to be your Student Body President for this upcoming year! I am also glad we are back to in-person classes for the fall semester. I know how hard it can be to take classes online, be able to make friends, and make the most of your college experience. Nevertheless, having in-person classes this semester will make it exciting as we can all connect together during classes and campus activities.

College can be a great experience if we want it to be. I know that it can be difficult, especially when you have to juggle life and school, and it can even be increasingly hard to commit to extracurricular activities and have fun. I encourage you to get engaged on campus by attending club meetings and events, becoming an active club member, or even taking on a leadership role. Additionally, talk and connect with other students in your classes. These are great ways to start study groups, make friends, and get to know people with similar interests. Plan out your days to help you get everything accomplished and be able to enjoy your college experience!

The Wellness Center is a great resource for help when it comes to mental health or just having someone to talk to. Balancing life can get challenging, and this free service is available to all students, so take advantage!

Finally, utilize the free resources that ECC offers, such as the Tutoring Center, which has a variety of tutors for several subjects, the Math Lab, and the Writing Center to assist you in your classes. Seek out help from other resources such as TRiO, Academic Advising, Student Success Coaches, and Transfer Services to help you get ahead and reach your goals.

I look forward to working with and hearing from you this upcoming year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at studentgovernment@student.elgin.edu. I wish you nothing but a successful fall semester. Good luck with your studies, and I hope to see you on campus!



Leslie Gracia

Student Body President, 2022-2023

A message from the student trustee:

I am excited to be your Student Trustee for the upcoming academic year and to be the voice of the students as a member of the ECC Board of Trustees and Student Government. Whether you are new or returning, everyone here at Elgin Community College wants to see you succeed. I encourage you to take advantage of all the helpful resources available for all students, whether it is for academic, financial, or mental health. From the Tutoring Center, The Write Place, and Math Lab to help with your academics, to financial aid and student jobs to help you financially, and Wellness Services to help you with the stress of classes and everyday life—these are just a few of the many resources available at ECC to help you succeed.

ECC has a lot to offer with events to get to know the campus and the student body these first few weeks of the semester. I encourage you to take advantage of the events and keep your eyes out for future events throughout the school year. With over 15 student clubs and organizations for you to join, there is something for everyone to help you connect and make the best of your student experience. Being a part of a club like Student Government and Phi Theta Kappa has provided me with so many great experiences and memories, as well as meeting so many new people that I encourage everyone to join at least one club during their time at ECC. Stop by Student Life inBuilding B to see all the clubs ECC has to offer, or go to elgin.edu/studentlife to learn more!

As a member of the Student Government, we are here to advocate for and empower the student body to make ECC a better place for all current and future students. We encourage you to be active around campus and attend our meetings every other Wednesday starting September 7 to ensure your voice is heard. As American political activist Angela Davis said, “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” So we encourage you to use your voice and be the change you wish to see here at ECC.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to Student Government throughout the semester or email me directly at StudentTrusteeMcVey@elgin.edu. I hope you have a wonderful semester!


Alison McVey

Student Trustee, 2022-2023