Take Five With…Marlen Ruiz

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Published 09/16/2022
Marlen Ruiz, academic advisor

Marlen Ruiz, academic advisor

Take five out of your day this week to get to know Marlen Ruiz a little better! Ruiz is an Academic Advisor and has been with Elgin Community College since 2003. When she first began at the college, Ruiz worked as a receptionist in the Admissions Department, transitioned to advising in Financial Aid, and later found her current home base in Academic Advising. Read on to learn five fun facts you didn’t know about Ruiz!

What should your colleagues know about your position at ECC? Academic advising is more than helping students plan classes for each semester. We also help students for transfer, prepare them to have conversations with instructors, provide them with resources needed to be successful, and connect them with other areas that might enhance their experience at ECC. We try to build a rapport with students so they feel comfortable coming to us for their needs throughout their journey at ECC.

What was your first ever job? My first job ever was running the games at an amusement park.

Binge watcher, book club, or both? Binge Watcher – (does anyone have suggestions:))

What’s your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is walking around the lake on a nice day, taking in the sunshine.

What did you want to be when you grow up? When I was growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer.