Smile Big with Maggie Im

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Published 03/07/2022
Maggie Im, academic advisor, holds a copy of a registration brochure in the student succes center

Maggie Im, academic advisor, holds a copy of a registration brochure in the student succes center

A person's journey into higher education can begin at any time. For some, that journey begins before they leave high school. Maggie Im is a Dual Credit Academic Advisor at Elgin Community College who works with District U-46 high school seniors taking college-level courses while completing their high school degrees.

Before coming to ECC in 2016, Im oversaw an alternative route to the teacher certification program through Illinois State University in partnership with School District U-46. “All program participants were first-generation college students and had little to no experience with the college application and enrollment process,” said Im. “I reached out to the Dean of College Readiness, and she offered to alert Admissions of the ‘special group’ and together all ensured that their transition was a smooth one. The students felt supported by ECC staff and faculty.”

Read on to learn more about Im’s passion for helping students and interests outside ECC walls.  

What do you do at ECC? What do you want others to know about your job? Or what would help others understand your job?

In my current role, I work predominantly with high school students. Many of my students are taking college-level courses, and working towards an Associate’s degree, while simultaneously working on completing their high school graduation requirements. It’s an amazing opportunity that allows me to connect them to ECC early on, guide their academic journey, and support and encourage them while they are here.

What is your greatest accomplishment since you’ve been at ECC?

Helping and supporting students.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work (i.e., hobbies/interests)?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking, and dancing.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled? Or where would you like to visit?

I love traveling and wish I could do more of it!  My favorite place thus far has been Nice on the French Riviera. I would like to visit Santorini in Greece and I’m hoping to do that for my next milestone bday!

You have to wear a t-shirt with just one word on it for an entire year. What would that word be, and why?

SMILE. Smiling is contagious. It helps relieve stress and helps you and others around you feel better regardless of what is happening in life.

Share a fact about you that might surprise people to learn.

My playlist tends to surprise people. My musical taste is VERY eclectic. 

What was your most valuable life lesson?

Appreciate every moment. Stop taking time for granted.

Complete this sentence: “I enjoy working at ECC because …

…of the students! It’s rare that I feel like work is actually work. I love what I do, I’m part of an amazing team, and ECC is a great place to do what I love.“