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Published 12/21/2021
Jose Soublett, Fall 2021 ECC Graduate

Jose Soublett, Fall 2021 ECC Graduate

My journey at Elgin Community College started in 2017 when I came from Venezuela to this beautiful country seeking a better life for my family and myself. As an immigrant, I faced many challenges, but they did not stop me from completing my life goal. Instead, it gave me faith and courage to pursue my vision and complete it.

I started with ECC’s ESL program. The faculty and staff members showed dedication to students by leading each of us along the road to new knowledge. They also showed that encouragement, values, baby steps, and a mindset focused on goals are the keys to success in any aspect of life.

After four years at ECC, I am proud to be obtaining an associate in engineering science. I plan to continue a high level of education by going to university to get a bachelor’s in electrical engineering. I was not alone - besides my family, ECC helped me achieve some short-term goals. It also led me to want to impact our student community by speaking to other students and shining a light on their roads.

For future students, I would say that sacrifices and hard work are two actions needed to accomplish our dreams and be successful. Also, never forget to help others going through similar situations because what a world we will build if we share our knowledge and experience with others.

Jose Soublett

Associate in Engineering Science

Puerto Ordaz, Guayana City, Venezuela