Interesting Interships: David Lockhart

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Published 03/17/2020
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David Lockhart, CNC operator basic vocational specialist student, has been an intern with Smith & Richardson, Inc. for 4 months and still learns something new every day. At work, he oversees the daily maintenance and upkeep of two CNC lathes. This involves making adjustments and offsets on parts and making sure all the parts made are adhere to specifications from document drawings and the quality assurance department.

Internships like Lockhart’s have value beyond just the technical skills. “I like to keep a strong and communicable relationship with my shift lead,” he said. “And being given a different challenge to face alone or with my team gives us all a stronger problem-solving skill set.” 

He added, “Smith & Richardson has given me the first step in my career path. I have confidence knowing that there are options to advance within the company as my skill set grows.”

Beyond on-the-job learning, an added bonus of internships is that some employers, like Smith & Richardson, offer a tuition reimbursement program, allowing students like Lockhart to graduate with little to no debt.

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