Anthony Ray 400x250
Administrator Profile | Newsletter
Published 02/17/2020

Anthony Ray believes there’s no place like HR

When you ask someone what their passion is, and their response is “HR,” you know your workplace is in good hands. ECC is in good hands with Chief Human Resources Officer Anthony Ray. He is especially committed to emphasizing the ‘human’ aspect of HR and positioning ECC to be an employer of choice in our community.

Internships PH 400x250
Student Profile
Published 02/14/2020

Interesting Internships: Hiral Patel-Hutton

When Hiral Patel-Hutton began her internship with the National Safety Council in Itasca, she did not have a lot of graphic design experience, but she wanted to learn first-hand how to design collateral for ad campaigns.

Bridget Hoffenkamp  400x250
Faculty Profile | Newsletter
Published 02/10/2020

Hoffenkamp trains techs how to keep it clean

Most people don’t give much thought to operating room set up when preparing for surgery, but Bridget Hoffenkamp, director of the surgical technology program, thinks about it all the time.

Craig Campbell 400x250
Administrator Profile | Newsletter
Published 02/03/2020

Craig Campbell and the importance of listening to your mother

For Elgin Community College’s Deputy Chief of Police Craig Campbell, wisdom is a theme that runs through his life. Whether it was the early wisdom from his mother, the wisdom gained while working his way through life, or the wisdom he continues to pursue today, Campbell is always trying to improve.

Tyler Roeger 400x250
Administrator Profile | Newsletter
Published 01/27/2020

Step into Tyler Roeger’s neighborhood

Tyler Roeger, director of the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL), has been at ECC for less than a year, but he knew he’d found the right fit during his campus tour. Learn more about Roeger’s work supporting faculty and discover his surprising hidden talent below.

Mary Perkins 400x250
Administrator Profile | Newsletter
Published 01/21/2020

Mary Perkins helps put the word “community” in Elgin Community College

As Dean of College Transitions and Secondary Partnerships, Mary Perkins brings together the college and the community to develop strategies and programs to help students achieve their dreams.

Erik Enders 400x250
Newsletter | Staff Profile
Published 01/13/2020

Erik Enders sets students up for success

When Erik Enders, student life coordinator for student success, arrived on campus for his job interview last summer, it was the first time he’d been to Elgin Community College. He knew about ECC from friends, but had not experienced the college. One visit was all it took to solidify his desire to be a part of the ECC community.